Satellite Sees a Hyperactive Tropical Atlantic

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Crossing the atlantic


crossing the atlantic


Crossing the Atlantic: Ecotourism in South Africa and Mexico

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The Atlantic Ocean - A Biography - The Atlantic Ocean is a vast body of water covering 33 million square miles. Its biographer argues that it has its very own psychology, and over the centuries the story of humanity's relationship to this Ocean has taken many turns.

Off the Shelf: Simon Winchester - Simon Winchester's latest book Atlantic: A Biography of the Ocean, is not just tracing the birth and future of this vast body of water but of its place and influence in the human sagas on and between its shores. It's the story of conquest and discovery of trade, of battles and of personal reflections from a prolific storyteller.

Atlantic: A vast ocean of a million stories is a biography of an ocean born around 200 million years ago. Simon Winchester has written a sweeping history that tells of the early explorations of Vikings and Norsemen and of terrible tragedies, including the brutal Atlantic slave trade. It also brings us up to date with changes in the ocean that are the result of climate change and overfishing.

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