Buzzword Bingo: Assemble = To gather or fit together

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Assemble = To gather or fit together


Responsible travel: By connecting with individuals, rather than archetypes or stereotypes, visitors assemble their own meanings. And increasingly - thanks to the social web - our travels begin long before we board a plane and continue long after we unpack the suitcase.


No one owns a story. Everyone’s a distributor and most people can be a contributor. Not everyone wants to create journalism but lots of people are able to do so in certain circumstances.
- Melanie Sill, The Case for Open Journalism Now

Let's say that I'm sending a tweet a day, talking about my life and having a son, just something like that, and my friends are reading it. Over time they won't remember that they've been reading one tweet a day. I'll see them in six months and they will have woven those little updates into a story of my life, with pictures, with images, with ideas. They will have built so much more off those words, and that's going on all the time.
- Tom Chatfield, Future Tense @TomChatfield