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Create your own video slideshow at

Create your own video slideshow at

We haven't synced the two yet, but we will with the next release!

Check out this webinar for more info about the new creation flow if you haven't done so already: Like us on Facebook:!/Animoto Follow us on Twitter:!/Animoto!/AnimotoHelp

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  • Our basic account has a 30-second limit on videos and does not allow downloads.
  • It's free to sign up, and you can still create unlimited videos.


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Approximately 8-12 elements (text, images, video clips) will produce 30 seconds of video. A more mellow song will produce a longer video with the same number of images. more > The length of an Animoto video is determined by the number of items (text, images, video clips) you include and the music you choose. It can vary since the video is being customized to the music. A video using an upbeat song will use images more quickly than one using a more mellow song. If you are making an Animoto Short, use 8-15 items for your 30-second piece. If you submit more images and video clips than can be used in the video, you may find that a number of items did not make it into the final video.
If you're making a full-length video, you can make videos with up to 300 images. The only limit is your music selection.

To upload multiple images hold down the 'CTRL' or 'SHIFT' keys while you're selecting your files. more > If you have images in more than one folder, you will have to upload them in separate batches but don't worry, you'll always have the option to add more to your project later.
Uploading images will take much less time if you resize your images first, to 1024x768 (about 100kb per image). more > Images straight off your digital camera can be 100 times the size of what you actually need for an online video. Although you can upload very high resolution images, smaller downsized images work just as well (and save you significant upload time). You can use simple image-resizing programs to downsize your images to a smaller size. If you have a Mac, we recommend using DroPic! (free). If you have a PC, we recommend using VSO Image Resizer (free). These are easy-to-use tools to help you resize your images to something appropriate for the web. We recommend a size of no less than 640x426 (about 50kb per image), and no more than 1024x768 (about 100kb per image). Animoto will accept images up to 10Mb in size.
You're currently able to retrieve images from Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, Picasa, and Photobucket. more > Unfortunately, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, and Shutterfly, have a closed system and don't let users access their photos with outside services like Animoto. We hope they do one day. In the meantime, we'll keep working with the folks who have established more open systems and give their users more choice with what to do with their photos.
more > Animoto users often tell us they think differently about how they take images when they want to make an Animoto video. Instead of capturing individual moments, they try to capture a whole experience though a series of images. Instead of thinking like a photographer, they're thinking like a director. They think about the story they want to share, and they use images to tell that story.
It might start with showing where you are. The skyline of Brooklyn, a few street signs, a crowded street, the front of the Mercury Lounge, the band's tour bus, the shivering people in line waiting to get in. Then the images tell what happened. The back alley door you all managed to sneak in through, the backstage lounge you ended up in, the angry security guard that chased you out.
There's no real formula for producing a great video. Just use your imagination and share the images you think will make people feel like they were right there with you. Some people have told us they've even supplemented their images by using images they've found on open photo sites likes Flickr. Hmmm... not a bad idea.