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Ron Mader: One of the cornerstones of is a commitment toward greater access to information and the physical world. Too often the barriers impair our curiosity. We champion open access, particularly when it comes to reading and interacting with conservation and cultural resources. Is the report available behind a paywall? We're just not that interested. And in the physical world, can our friends and family with limited mobility actually get around?

Accessible Tourism - Seeking examples of good practices of accessible travel around the world. Please share stories and links to relevant resources.

Open Access - Seeking examples of reports (see tweet)
Q: What are your fave #openaccess +@creativecommons-licensed tourism data, reports?

Translating: If you are not accessible you are not relevant.

Spanish: Si no estás accesible no estas relevante.
Maori: Ki te kore e wātea koe e kore e hāngai koe.


September 28 International Day for Universal Access to Information

March 2016 Europe without Barriers

Recommended Listening - One of the most recognizable ISO symbols in the International Symbol of Access. You might not know it by that name, but you’ve seen it.

Freedom through Design - David Constantine describes his work to develop low-cost mobility solutions for disabled people all over the world.

Europe at 2.4 km/hour - Ken Haley returned from a holiday in Europe where he travelled at 2.4 kilometres per hour. He didn't mind the speed of travel because "the slower he travelled the more he got to see".


I have been wary of tackling the subject of disability for some time. I admit it, I was afraid of getting it wrong, using politically incorrect terminology or causing offence, and so, to my shame, I am only now starting to try and understand some of the real issues. It would appear, however, that I am not alone, with many others working in tourism nervous of getting it wrong. And with over 100,000 people employed in accommodation and food services in Ireland, that’s a lot of people who are afraid to say, “Can I help you?”
- Catherine Mack, Opening doors to the disabled

If you are not accessible you are not relevant.
- NetHui Comment

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People with disabilities often suffer a ‘civil death’ due exclusion primarily related to physical barriers of the built environment. AXS Map is building a social movement around inclusion for people with physical disabilities. AXS Map is a crowd-sourced platform for mapping wheelchair accessibility of buildings and places, and sharing that information across a network.

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Barrier Free Travel at Frankfurt Airport


New quality mark for disability access


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New Zealand - The site lists hotels, motels and private bed and breakfast establishments. -
Why New Zealand Should Make Rugby World Cup Accessible for Everyone
People with special needs - Accessible facilities provided at accommodation establishments throughout New Zealand

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How wheelchair-friendly is Jo'burg really?

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Opening doors to the disabled - Catherine Mack


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Español - JAÉN ACCESIBLE es una iniciativa de Activa Jaén impulsada por la Diputación Provincial de Jaén y la Consejería de Igualdad y Bienestar Social de la Junta de Andalucía, gestionada por la Federación Provincial de Asociaciones de Discapacitados físicos y Orgánicos de Jaén. - Podemos definir Accesibilidad como el conjunto de características de que debe disponer un entorno, producto o servicio para ser utilizable en condiciones de confort, seguridad e igualdad por todas las personas y, en particular, particular, por aquellas que tienen alguna discapacidad.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Disabled Dining - @DisabledDining

Tips for Hotels and Restaurants

What you have or do not have is not as important as simply informing people what you have available

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Disability does not mean inability.


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