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Ron Mader: is a labor of love, a handcrafted website started in 1994. My earnest interest in tourism as a means of transformation and social activism began in the late 1980s when I studied the origins of ecotourism in Mexico and Costa Rica. 'Planeta' by the way is the way to say the word 'planet' in Spanish -- my first attempt to embrace a multilingual world! We may not have a common language but we share a common ground. continues to be a thoughtful and fun exploration of the world in a conscientious manner. I embrace all sort of new trends that go beyond ecotourism, including relations with indigenous tourism, carrotmobs, slow travel and the local travel movement.

This wiki takes us further!

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The community serves is ridiculously broad, diverse and deep. The core group are eco-minded travelers and professionals. We have received kudos from policy-makers, back-packers, mom-and-pop hotels.

We encourage our editors to help develop this wikispace.

we assist visitors in creating your own meanings through creative exchanges and fun encounters.


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