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Wikipedia -- -- is part of a growing movement for free knowledge and open source crowdsourcing. The English language Wikipedia has grown to more than three million articles.

Wikipedia now has more 20 million articles and more than 90,000 active contributors.

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Core Skills
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The wisdom of the crowd

How has the democratisation of knowledge made Wikipedia the largest encyclopedia in history?
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On January 15, 2016, Wikipedia turns 15.

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Wikipedia and Health

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Wiki Travel

Participate in the proposal for a new Wikimedia Foundation travel guide project!


Pet Peeves

Wikipedia removed my 'Planeta' account and gave it to someone else
Wikipedia does not accept firsthand information as a legitimate new source
Members have to create separate accounts on Wikipedia and Wikimania


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Wikipedia requires that verifiable sources be cited for all significant claims, and does not permit editors to publicize their personal conclusions when writing articles. All editors must follow a neutral point of view; they must only collect relevant opinions which can be traced to reliable sources.

You can't actually change anything in Wikipedia……you can only add to it. Wikipedia is a database with a memory designed to last as long as we can make it last. An article you read today is just the current draft; every time it is changed, we keep both the new version and a copy of the old version.

In 2005 Wikipedia became the largest encyclopedia in the world. It's an amazing achievement of global collaboration.

In 2010 Clay Shirky calculated the total amount of time that people have spent creating WIkipedia -- 100 million hours of human thought.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If I write a wikipedia article about you, would you write a wikipedia article about me?

No, this would be unethical.

Quoting Wikipedia: "Wikipedia is foremost an encyclopedia, and not a vehicle for advertising or promoting organisations, companies or individuals. You may wish to review Wikipedia's guidelines on conflict of interest and external links, as these may help you decide whether the information you want to include is appropriate for Wikipedia.

You should not create or edit articles about yourself, your family or your close friends. If you or they are notable enough, someone else will create the article.

Wikipedia Lesson: Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Any tips on creating an account?
You may also wish to check Wikipedia's username policy, which prohibits promotional usernames. Please feel free to ask at the Help Desk if you have any questions."

If you do not want your writing to be edited, used, and redistributed at will, then do not submit it here. All text that you did not write yourself, except brief excerpts, must be available under terms consistent with Wikipedia's Terms of Use before you submit it.





wiki collaboration leads to happiness
wikipedian protester

How do I make a citation on wikipedia? What can be cited?

inline citations are required for material challenged or likely to be challenged, and for all quotations.
more about citations


Most encyclopedias start to fossilize the moment they're printed on a page. However, add Wiki software and some helping hands and you get something self-repairing and almost alive.
- Daniel Pink, cited in The Long Tail

Wikipedia is about the power of people like us to do extraordinary things. People like us write Wikipedia, one word at a time. People like us fund it, one donation at a time. It's proof of our collective potential to change the world.
- Jimmy Wales

Brenna Gray says students, like most of the rest of us, are more time-crunched than ever. They have to prioritize, and are therefore reluctant to spend time learning skills that aren't useful outside school. That includes online tools like Blackboard, which they perceive as having no relevance to other parts of their life. Because the Wikipedia skills are perceived as transferable, students became interested in acquiring them. And they were willing to work to Wikipedia's standards.
- Wikipedia Improves Students' Work: Students Become Much More Concerned With Accuracy When Their Research Is Posted Online, Study Finds

For me, Wikipedia is astounding as a reference work for where it leads you next. The availability of links to other places online is awesome and serves as a reminder that much of the best information about a subject is not on Wikipedia, but the sites that its pages send you to via those myriad of little blue letters on the pages, especially the ones at the end listed under External Links.
- Philip Harvey, Weighing Wikipedia

Buzzword Bingo

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sockpuppets — people submitting contributions on areas outside their personal expertise because they're paid to do so



Wikipedia FYI
Style Guidelines - Wikipedia
Wiki - Wikipedia
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Disambiguation pages on Wikipedia are used as a process of resolving conflicts in article titles that occur when a single term can be associated with more than one topic, making that term likely to be the natural title for more than one article. In other words, disambiguations are paths leading to different articles which could, in principle, have the same title.


Indigenous Language Wikipedia Sites


Wikipedia at 10

Wikipedia Entries
Commons-based peer production
Gift Economy
Generation C
Jimmy Wales

Wiki news

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A few words about biographies

Before placing a request for a biography, make certain that the person meets the notability requirements for inclusion in Wikipedia (see notability criteria). Why do you want to know about them? Why would anyone else want to know about them? Also, if you are requesting an article on a living person, please see Wikipedia's policy on biographies of living people and neutral point of view.

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image filter referendum

Its purpose is to enable readers to easily hide images on the Wikimedia projects that they do not wish to view, either when first viewing the image or ahead of time through individual preference settings. The feature is intended to benefit readers by offering them more choice, and to that end it will be made as user-friendly and simple as possible. We will also make it as easy as possible for editors to support. For its development, we have created a number of guiding principles, but trade-offs will need to be made throughout the development process. In order to aid the developers in making those trade-offs, we need your help us assess the importance of each by taking part in this referendum.

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