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How to make the most of Ustream

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Ustream -- -- is an online video service with an easy-to-use app for live streaming video.

Key Links
Community Support pages
Ustream Knowledge Base
Basics of Streaming on Ustream.
Remove Ads
how to delete videos

What we like
Easy to use
Easy to share
Upload to YouTube

Pet Peeves
LOUD Commercials

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Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Secure Video

Your account has limited video storage – videos older than 30 days will be deleted. Need more storage?

Starting January 6th, 2014 recorded videos in Ustream Basic accounts (this is our free ad-supported account) will be stored for 30 days only. Videos that are older than 30 days will be automatically deleted. For users who want permanent storage of their videos, we offer you these solutions: • We have a new unlimited video storage plan. Sign up before January 6, 2014 and save 50% for the life of the storage plan. • Upgrade to one of our Pro Broadcasting plans. • Or download a copy of your videos and store them offline After January 6, 2014 new recorded broadcast from Basic accounts will be kept for only 30 days. So please check the videos in your dashboard now and decide which option is best for you.

What we like
Easy to set up
Easy to convert to a YouTube video

Pet Peeves

Free version's commercials are loud and irritating
Difficult to see one's videos on the smartphone


Why does my tablet remember my Ustream login and my laptop does not?
does ustream have all recorded videos automatically on archive?


Use Social Stream to ask questions from the broadcaster or chat about the show with others. You can invite your friends by sharing your comments to Facebook or Twitter.


Ron Mader

Space / NASA

Other Examples




If you're broadcasting, you probably want people to watch. And if you want people to watch, you have to tell them when you're going to go live. Creating an event is a great way to do this. It lets you communicate your programming with not only your followers and fans, but with people who may randomly stumble across your channel.

Being able to tell the world when you're broadcasting by creating an event allows a one-click RSVP to the event, sending them an alert 60 minutes before the event goes live. Letting people know and alerting them before you go live has the potential to increase viewership and the broadcast's success rate. Additionally, you can share your event with the Ustream content team at The content team may choose to schedule it into Ustream's "Upcoming" page or place the event on the home page or one of the four main sub pages for further exposure.

Valere's Masterclass

2012 World Conservation Congress

Streaming Live by Ustream



How to download/upload to YouTube

from your laptop go to dashboard - - choose videos
and you can download or upload to YouTube


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Pro Broadcasting

  • Ad-Free Broadcasting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Custom Branded Experience
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  • Ad-Supported Broadcasting
  • Basic Analytics
  • Ustream Branded Experience

Product overview Live broadcast, record, publish, manage, and measure all from a single integrated platform. Produce live streaming and on-demand video that can be embedded on a website, hosted on an included channel page or shared over a social network for added engagement.