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Previously one of our favorite tools

We also have some pet peeves

Slideshare is useful for sharing presentations, PDFs and documents. It's not the only way to do this, but it's a good way and it's linked to LinkIn. You can upload your files, tag them, and make them available for embedding on your website or others. Transcripts of presentation will be indexed by search engines and show up in search results.

At last count 10 million presentations have been uploaded!

What we like about Slideshare

Creative Commons licensing - The default is 'all rights reserved' though we recommend some form of sharing with attribution. Bonus points for presentations which are licensed as attribution-sharealike.

Embedding - Makes it possible to share presentations on other sites

One Click Sharing - Easy to share presentations on Facebook, Twitter and Email

LinkedIn connection - Easy to share presentations on one's LinkedIn profile

Re-Uploading ...

Pet Peeves

Under language, you can only choose one language (I wish there were a bilingual English-Spanish option for some of my presentations)
Sometimes others post spam as comments. Besides keeping an eye on one's newsfeed, are there ways to moderate comments?
Why is it so difficult to set up hyperlinks? (How does one set up outbound clicks?)
Unable to edit URL
Unable to see final URL until publication
No way to manage how one's 'home page' is presented to the world
Would like to see something analogous to YouTube's Playlists


Re-Upload - Slideshare presentations can be edited and replaced. Tip: Post draft presentations online and solicit comments and feedback. Make the appropriate edits and re-upload. Let people know changes have been made and what the next steps are. Update the description with relevant links and key words. Double check that things are the way you want (for the time being) and share on the social web -- via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the rest.

Status: In October 2017 not offered choice of re-uploading

We're always looking for new ways to improve the SlideShare experience for our members. This sometimes means eliminating features to invest in others that offer greater value. As a part of this process, we are removing the ability to re-upload SlideShare files.
You will still be able delete your older SlideShare files and upload new presentations. However, once you delete a SlideShare file you will not be able to retain the file URL, or view the file analytics.

It is particularly irksome that this development comes with no warning.

What's particularly irksome is the lack of any warning. It is unclear whether this now a premium service.

SlideShare Axes Its Freemium Model, Makes 'Pro' Features Like Analytics Free - TechCrunch
LinkedIn Acquires Professional Content Sharing Platform SlideShare For $119M - Techcrunch




Bonus points to creators if you ...
Allow Creative Commons licensing.
Add a relevant YouTube video to the presentation.

Bonus points to views if you
Share a Slideshare presentation (you do not have to be a Slideshare member to do this)

October 4 was the 10 year anniversary of Slideshare -- -- "the world's largest community for sharing presentations online."

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)

Have you created an account on Slideshare?
Can you login on your laptop? On your phone? On your tablet?
Have you linked your Slideshare and LinkedIn accounts?
Have you linked your Slideshare and Facebook accounts?
Have you linked your Slideshare and Google+ accounts?
Have you uploaded a presentation?
Are you able to edit your profile?
Have you liked someone else's presentation?
Have you commented on someone else's presentation?


What's new: Clipping, Clipboard

Introducing Clipping on LinkedIn SlideShare


Slideshows by User: planeta

Buzzword Bingo

Account - Analytics - App - Category - Clipboard - Clipping - Conversion - Delete - Download - Edit - Edit Presentation - Edit Profile - Embed - Facebook - Favorite - Featured - Feedback - Follow - Fonts - Freemium - Google+ - HTML5 - Interaction - License - Link - LinkedIn - Newsfeed - Opt-In - Password - PDF - Powerpoint - Presentation - Privacy - Profile - Replacement - Replace Presentation - Refresh Status - Requests - Re-Upload - Satisfaction - Search - Share - Slideshare - Solve - Statistics - Thumbnail - Transcript - Upload - URL - Upgrade - Wall - Widget


Forget your password? Click here

Uploading Tips

Increase virality with a descriptive title
The response does not help at all in letting me know what was wrong with the presentation.
"Based on the error message you reported, our system has determined that the content you are attempting to upload violates our terms. Please understand that due to the measures set in place via our algorithms were are unable to complete your upload. Please review the SlideShare Community Guidelines:"
The presentation that I uploaded was original content, basically language flashcards of an educational nature. There is nothing violent nor pornographic nor exploitative.
How can I trust and recommend Slideshare if the blandest of presentations is knocked off your site due to your algorithms?


SlideShare is part of LinkedIn. Your continued use means you agree to our integrated LinkedIn
Terms of Service

Be Creative

Post your own documents and presentations online.

Be Generous

If you find a presentation you like, favorite it, add a comment. If you really like it, you can also tweet it, share it on your facebook wall, google+ it or embed the widget on your website.

Be Curious

Search a topic or place of interest

Bonus points if you have an account on Twitter and Google+. There are many good ways to weave the web. Example: if you have an account on Twitter, readers can tweet about your presentation and simultaneously direct people to your presentation and Twitter account. If you don't have a Twitter account, it's more difficult to signal your attention or direct others to you.


Slideshare -- -- is an online platform for sharing presentations, PDFs and documents. You can upload your files, tag them, and make them available for embedding on your website or others. Transcripts of presentation will be indexed by search engines and show up in search results.

You can browse and favorite other presentations. It’s a great way to share information. Available in free and premium versions.

1 – Make your own powerpoint presentation
2 – Create a Slideshare account
4 – Add your presentation to Slideshare
5 – Add a relevant title, description, tags.
7 – Repeat this process on a regular basis -- once is not enough!
8 – Teach someone else and learn by teaching.
9 – If you have a website or blog, embed the presentation

Cost: Free
Requirements: Account on Slideshare
Advantages: Easy way to share presentations, can replace presentation and keep same URL; Easy to count # of views, subscribers, # of websites embedding your presentation; Easy to embed on Facebook and LinkedIn; Generates transcript
Slideshare -- -- es una plataforma en línea para compartir presentaciones, PDFs y documentos. También puedes subir tus archivos, etiquetarlas, y ponerlos a disposición para incrustar en tu sitio web o de otros. Las transcripciones de presentación será indexado por los motores de búsqueda y se muestran los resultados de búsqueda. Usted puede navegar y el favorito de otras presentaciones. Es una gran manera de compartir información. Disponible en versiones gratuitas y de alta calidad.

1 - Haga su propia presentación en powerpoint
2 - Crear una cuenta de Slideshare
4 - Agregue su presentación en Slideshare
5 - Añadir un título pertinente, descripción, etiquetas.
7 - Repita este proceso en forma regular - una vez no es suficiente!
8 - Enseñe a alguien más y aprender mediante la enseñanza.
9 - Si tienes una página web o blog, integrar la presentación

Costo: La versión gratuita
Requisitos: Cuenta en Slideshare
Ventajas: La manera fácil de compartir presentaciones, puede sustituir a la presentación y mantener la misma URL, fácil de contar con # de puntos de vista, los suscriptores, # de sitios de inserción de su presentación; Easy to embed on Facebook and LinkedIn; Genera transcript

Slideshare: Levels of Engagement - Niveles de Compromiso (tools)

Be attentive
Be attentive
Be creative
Upload presentations (Powerpoint and other formats), Document
Subir presentaciones (Powerpoint y otros formatos), documentos
Be creative
Create group
Create group
Be creative
Create event
Create event
Be generous
Embed RSS
Incrustar RSS
Be generous
Add comment to a presentation or the wall
Agregar comentario a una ponencia o el muro

SlideShare 101
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Key Links

A few words about replacements

One of the things we like about Slideshare is that files can be replaced, meaning its possible to to publish a draft, solicit and incorporate feedback and make updates accordingly.

Love reading "Your new file is being processed on our servers. Your old file will be replaced once this new file has been successfully converted."

  • The previous presentation will continue to work till the file gets replaced successfully. If replacement fails, the previous version will be intact.
  • Existing comments, views, tags, favorites, embeds, URL, etc will be retained after replacement and will continue to work.
  • File replacement is a technically complex process. Please wait at least 30 minutes for your changes to reflect after you see the confirmation message. If you still can't see the updated file, clear your browser's cache and try again.
  • For troubleshooting, read the FAQs.

Questions and Answers


Tip - I recommend converting powerpoints to PDF before uploading.
For your first upload, send something short and simple!



Consult your newsfeed to see who are the recent visitors to your profile page.





Whenever your SlideShare content appears in Google search results, you could be credited as an author and your Google+ profile pic will appear in the search results.

How to connect your Google+ account:

  1. Edit the "Contributor to" section of your Google+ profile
  2. Click "Add custom link"
  3. Finally add "" as a URL and save




Embedded Tweets



Ron's Year on Slideshare: 657,736 Views #SSYearInReview #socialweb

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Presentations Web
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Flickr Groups
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Flickr Groups
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Buzzword Bingo
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Sports Buzzwords
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Climate Change

external image climatetips-090714082332-phpapp01-thumbnail-2?1247598122

external image climate-1228611261090461-9-thumbnail-2?1246596374

external image indigenousweek-110718153515-phpapp01-thumbnail-2
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  • Social Media in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca (Redes Sociales en Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca)
    Social Media in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca (Redes Sociales en Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca)
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Responsible Tourism
external image rtweek2011-101209072556-phpapp01-thumbnail-2
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  • Responsible Tourism Posters #rtyear2013 #rtyear2013
    Responsible Tourism Posters #rtyear2013 #rtyear2013
  • Conscious travel
    Conscious travel

  • Oaxaca Wiki
    Oaxaca Wiki

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More examples

Cable Green
Martin Hatchuel
Kurt Ackermann
Martin Fluker
Heidi van der Watt
martin de wit

Community Guidelines


Challenge: Be the first to clip this slide

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From Slideshare: "Wow! You must be doing something right. Congrats! Your content has been viewed on SlideShare over ONE MILLION times.That's quite an accomplishment. People like your stuff, making your profile one of the most popular on SlideShare. Keep on sharing!"

How do I insert a YouTube video in my presentation?
Edit your presentation and choose 'Insert YouTube videos.' Then copy and paste the video URL from YouTube (learn How To) , choose where to insert the video, and press “Insert & Publish.” The video will now play in your presentation.


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Founded in 2006 with the goal of making knowledge sharing easy, Slideshare joined the LinkedIn family in 2012 and has since grown into a top destination for professional content. With over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories, it is today one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world.

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  • Direct video uploads are currently not supported, but you can embed YouTube videos as part of a presentation.
  • On the mobile app as well, SlideShare supports all of the above formats.
  • The best way to ensure your uploaded SlideShare displays as close to your original file is to upload it as a PDF. PDF files provide the highest quality and ensure that custom fonts, images, and layouts are retained.

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