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Seychelles is an archipelago and country in the Indian Ocean. The 115-island country, whose capital is Victoria, lies 1,500 km (932 miles) east of mainland East Africa. Other nearby island countries and territories include Comoros, Mayotte (region of France), Madagascar, Réunion (region of France) and Mauritius to the south. With a population of roughly 92,000, it has the smallest population of any sovereign African country. - Wikipedia


Aldabra Atoll
In effort to phase out plastic from Seychelles, government steps up enforcement
Celebrating Protected Areas Day
New financial plan to strengthen management of Seychelles’ Protected Areas - SIDS


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Tourism Portals
The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), is a public/private sector body headed by CEO Mrs. Sherin Francis, with Mrs. Kathleen Mason as the Chairperson.
The Seychelles Tourism Board's primary function is to promote and market Seychelles as the most desirable tourist destination.
Our Mission
To achieve for Seychelles the status of the most desirable island destination on the market offering the unique Seychellois way of life, at a price that is competitive and within a sustainable, eco-friendly environment which is protective of Seychelles’ natural beauty, assets, and cultural heritage.
Our Vision
In its drive to further raise visitor numbers, the Seychelles Tourism Board shall continue to develop and maintain an authentic, dynamic and sustainable tourism product at home reflective of the importance of Seychelles tourism industry to its economy and to the standard of living of its population. The Seychelles tourism product shall be constructed upon a base of professionalism and value for money, offering visitors a unique experience, as the foundation for parallel, innovative and cost-effective marketing campaigns throughout core and emerging markets.
At, the same time the Seychelles Tourism Board shall promote the gradual expansion and enhancement of existing tourism facilities, services and infrastructure to provide additional activities for visitors with increased revenue potential and appeal across a broader spectrum of markets.
The STB has offices in the France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, China-Beijing & Shanghai, Hong Kong and Spain as well as representations in the Middle East, India, Brazil, South Korea and Russia.

Sustainable Tourism

Growing Sustainable Tourism: The Seychelles Approach By Alain St. Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board (PDF)

Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation

The foundation acts as a clearing house that deals full-time with sustainable tourism, that connects, collects, shares, lobbies, implements and raises funds for this endeavour and is the main focal point for all sustainable tourism matters in the country. Through its GSTC-criteria based action plan the SSTF will support a number of environmental and social sustainable tourism projects in the Seychelles, connecting different stakeholders, upscaling initiatives and pushing for sustainable change.

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Aldabra Atoll
Aldabra Atoll

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November 22-24 Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)