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The world falls in love with responsible travel.

Our first unconventional, online unconference of 2011 began Valentine's Day (Monday, February 14) and continued through Friday, February 18. Follow-up events included the March 12 Slow Saturday Adventure and the anniversary party for responsible tourism in London . (video)

May 6 Responsible Tourism in Cities Conference.

Financial sponsorship was provided in part by the City of Cape Town and Transitions Abroad.

Kudos to friendly bloggers for talking up the unconference! This past week we've been profiled by Responsible Cape Town, Cape Town Travel, AfrikaT, The Travel Word, Cynthia Ord (who loves the unconference approach) and Sustainable Options (among others ... a more complete list of links below)


Activities Online
Around the World
Do unto others as they would like to have you do unto them.

Monday, 14

Blog - Setting the stage
Cape Town Celebrates Responsible Tourism Week
Begin a conversation about responsible tourism today
Noel de Villiers of Open Africa
Happy Responsible Tourism Week - Malawi
Two Oceans Aquarium
Responsible Tourism Audit (Nepal)
Globale Woche des Tourismus mit Verantwortung 2011
Semana sobre el Turismo Responsable
Monarchs in Mexico
Mosaico Mexico Video, Sonora Mexico
Responsible tourism resources - Transitions Abroad
Origins of Responsible Tourism
Is it responsible to distribute responsible tourism products?
Ka mate kāinga tahi, ka ora kāinga rua.

Tuesday, 15

Blog - Highlights from yesterday's tweets; Central de Abasto(s) Market @ Oaxaca
Helen Turnbull of Serendipity Africa
Skye Grove of Cape Town Tourism
Ivan Groenhof of Rim of Africa Trail
Jennifer Seif of Fair Trade in Tourism SA
Responsible tourism on the summit of Table Mountain
!Khwa ttu: In-the-field training
Parque La Amistad
Empieza la semana del Turismo Responsable
wir hören uns

Wednesday, 16

Blog - Highlights from yesterday's tweets;
Green Drinks in Oaxaca
Sharing Home Brew
Fluker Posts
Volunteering: Easily Made Mistakes (and how to avoid repeating them)
Responsible tourism must be the foundation of tourism development
Semana Mundial del Turismo Responsable – Destacados del Martes
20 grünen Hauptwegen
Push to open (Alberta, Canada)
Safari: Are too many tourists killing Africa's wildlife?
90-9-1 Principle

Thursday, 17

Blog - Highlights from yesterday's tweets
Nutti bäst på ekoturism
Le Journal de l'EcoTourisme
So what is responsible tourism and do the French care anyway?
The Community of Soloy (Panama)
Slow travel in my own home city
Gerhard Buttner
Tips for Travelers - Cape Town Tourism
RT Week - Deidre Luzmore
!Khwa ttu
Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism
National urban parks (Finland)
Toronto Highs & Lows
you don't need to cross the river to get water (gå inte över ån efter vatten)

Friday, 18

Blog - Highlights from yesterday's tweets

Why i love responsible tourism

Cape Town Tourism Responsibility and Sustainability
Baobab travel
Nutti Sami Siida
Dongola Guest House
Journey Mexico
Hyperlocal Flickr Group
respontour's buddy icon Sprache-Dialekte - Language-Dialect
Sustainable Tourism Manual: Thai Tourism Supply Chains and Corporate Social Responsibility Project
All about the Calabash Trust Volunteer Programme
What is the food of the leader? (Whakatauki)

Monday, 21

Blog - Highlights from RT Week and International Mother Language Day

What are we going to do with this wired space?

Tuesday, 22

Survey and setting an agenda for the rest of 2011, 2012
please answer the survey!
Buzzword Bingo: Slow

Saturday, March

Saturday Slow Adventure

Wednesday, April 6

Birthday party for responsible tourism in the UK

Responsible Tourism in Cities

Thursday, May 7


Background: Responsible Tourism Week is a fun mash-up exploring down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible tourism, the local travel movement and ecotourism with practical and inexpensive social web technologies.

2011 is the third year for RT Week and we expect the conversations to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation and Planeta.com's 11th year of online conferencing. Take a peak at what we accomplished last year via the Planeta Wiki and on Slideshare.

Join us! Responsible tourism is free and with Responsible Tourism Week, there's no jet lag! It's a great opportunity to learn about new initiatives and it's an even better venue for networking -- collaborating with old friends and colleagues and making new contacts. How to participate? See the suggestions below. We have options for everyone who can invest a bit of time (1 hour) to a lot of time (20 hours).

Simply put, this online unconference is an excellent way to broaden and deepen our dialogue about sustainable practice and tourism. Responsible Tourism Week encourages participants to articulate their core values and the way they put noble ideas into practice. We spotlight living, breathing examples of responsible tourism. RT Week provides an opportunity to introduce new events, tours and research projects as well as an opportunity to summarize recent events. For those who can keep track of a hashtag, it's a new window to the world! Yes, it's a high-tech, but we also promote lo-fi media, including the foamboard and social events including green drinks and photosafaris.

If there is interest and financial support, we will consider convening a series of responsible tourism events throughout the year.

One of the key objectives of Responsible Tourism Week is to create incentives for continuity - we'd really like to hear summaries from recent tourism conferences and previews of upcoming events that touch upon the core values of responsible tourism. Another key objective is to strengthen relationships with existing contacts and make new friends!

You can start the preparations now by documenting the stories you'd like to share and by registering on the Web 2.0 channels you'd like to master in 2011. During the week you'll have the attention of the world. We will highlight the most interesting tweets on Twitter, photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube and recommended blogs and wikis.

Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people's work that you respect.

Flickr members are encouraged to add photos to the following groups: City Parks , World Parks , World Food , World Trees , Turismo Responsable

This year we will start to feature tours using Gowalla and Foursquare. Check out the toolbox!

During the event participants are invited to organize a local PhotoSafari and/or Green drinks that attract at least five people. We recommend such microevents as a means of introducing responsible tourism to a public that might not use 'responsible tourism' in everyday conversation. Have fun with this. You can announce your event using the Twitter hashtag #rtweek2011 and let us know the outcomes.

Of special interest in 2011 will be the role of responsible tourism in forests and cities.

Kind regards, Ron Mader


Green drinks


Active, Prepared, Engaged Participants (Go APE!)

Financial sponsors: benefits include a logo on this page, on planeta.com and on the official presentation

Financial sponsorship is provided in part by the City of Cape Town and and Transitions Abroad.


In 2002, the first international conference on responsible tourism in destinations was held in Cape Town, with the ratified Cape Town Declaration becoming the world's definition for responsible tourism. Since that time, responsible tourism has become the foundation of the City of Cape Town's tourism development framework, and an official policy has been adopted by city council, committing all of the resources and structures of the municipality to adopt a responsible tourism approach. Information on Cape Town's journey to becoming a responsible destination along with resources to assist and background on the partners involved can be found at www.responsiblecapetown.co.za.


Transitions Abroad compiles the very best resources and websites for countries and regions around the world, while drawing from its ever-growing article archives to offer some of the most complete information for cultural immersion travel, study, work and living.

Storytelling Now

Let's do a check-in. How are you advancing in telling your story? What are your aspirational goals? If you haven't done so yet, please fill out the Storytelling Now Worksheet (also available in Spanish -- contando histórias ya -- and German -- erzähle deine geschichte – jetzt!). You have more resources at your disposal than you realize. The worksheet can help you become aware of your allies and your progress.


Pre-Event (building the buzz!)

Share news with colleagues
Add a link to this page
Register on Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter, YouTube (and other Web 2.0 channels of your choice)
View rt playlist
Register your interest on Facebook event
Register your interest Linkedin event
View and favorite Slideshare presentation
Listen to future of conferences, Where Do Good Ideas Come From?
Use Twitter hashtag: #rtweek2011 (more info about tags and tagging)
Editing What is responsible tourism?

Between Events

Review Hashtag stats on Twitter + http://trendistic.com/rtweek2011
Give feedback about RT Week
Prepare follow-up with participants
Update pages on Planeta.com, including What is responsible tourism?
Announce developments on Planeta.com
Announce developments at conferences



Everyone is invited.
Todos estan invitados.


2011 Responsible Tourism Week takes place Feb 14-18. We suggest participants budget at least one hour/day for participation. It helps if you spend at least a few hours prior to Responsible Tourism Week for background reading and registration online the Web 2.0 channels you wish to explore this year.
2011 Semana de Turismo Responsable se llevara a cabo del 14-18 febrero. Sugerimos presupuesto participantes por lo menos una hora al día para la participación. Ayuda si inviertes unas horas antes de la semana para leer los ensayos recomendados y registrar en los caneles de Web 2.0 que quiere explorar este año.


Responsible Tourism Week is a live demonstration of Web 2.0 as a means of documenting the challenges and successes of developing responsible tourism.
Semana de Turismo Responsable es una muestra en vivo de la Web 2.0 y como es un medio para documentar los desafíos y éxitos del desarrollo del turismo responsable.


Responsible Tourism Week takes place online and integrates the digital realm with down to earth good practices around the world.
Semana de Turismo Responsable se realiza en línea e integra al mundo digital con las prácticas apropiadas en todo el mundo


One of the key objectives of Responsible Tourism Week is to create incentives for continuity - we'd really like to hear updates on recent tourism conferences and events and previews of upcoming events that touch upon the core values of responsible tourism. Another key objective is to strengthen relationships with existing contacts and make new friends!
Uno de los objetivos clave de la Semana de Turismo Responsable es crear incentivos para la continuidad - nos gustaría oír noticias actualizadas sobre conferencias y eventos de turismo y también saber sobre los acontecimientos en el futuro. Otro objetivo fundamental es fortalecer los contactos y hacer nuevos amigos!


We'll be using Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter and YouTube to document tourism practices around the world.

Be honest and be public. This is the week where you get to shout out to the world the good things you see around you. Create a local event. Support a local event. Create a local event. Make a foamboard. Lead the way or follow the topics for which you have interest and passion. Talk food, talk volunteering, talk slowtravel/localtravel, talk whatever is on your mind, drop the penny!
Usaremos Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter y YouTube para documentar prácticas sobre turismo en todo el Mundo.

Se honesto y abierto. Esta es la semana para gritarle al mundo las cosas buenas que ves a tu alrededor. Crea y apoya algún evento en tu localidad. Fabrica un pizarrón foamboard. Propon aquellos temas que te interesan y te apasionan. Platica sobre alimentos, habla sobre voluntariado, comenta slowtravel/localtravel, habla de lo que se te ocurra, hechate un volado.




2011 Responsible Tourism Week äger rum 14-18 februari. Vi föreslår deltagarna budget minst en timme / dag för deltagande.
2011 aasta Vastutustundliku Turismi Nädal toimub 14-18 veebruaril. Osalemiseks soovitame pühendada iga päev vähemalt ühe tunni.
2011 Responsible Tourism Week findet von 14 bis 18 Februar. Wir schlagen vor, Teilnehmer Haushalt mindestens eine Stunde pro Tag für die Teilnahme.


Responsible Tourism Week är en demonstration av Web 2.0 som ett sätt att dokumentera utmaningar och framgångar av ansvarstagande turism.
Vastutustundliku turismi väljakutsete näidete ja lugude jutustamiseks kasutame Web 2.0 vahendeid
Responsible Tourism Week ist eine Live-Demonstration des Web 2.0 als ein Mittel zur Dokumentation der Erfolge und Herausforderungen der Entwicklung verantwortlichen Tourismus.


Responsible Tourism Week äger rum på nätet och integrerar den digitala eran med jordnära god praxis i hela världen.
Vastutustundliku turismi nädal toimub internetis ning ühendab digitaalse ajastu ja kohalikud praktised näited kogu maailmast.
Responsible Tourism Week erfolgt online und integriert die digitale Welt mit auf die Erde bewährter Praktiken auf der ganzen Welt.


En av de viktigaste målen för Responsible Tourism Week är att skapa incitament för kontinuitet - vi skulle verkligen vilja se uppdateringar från de senaste turism konferenserna och evenemangen, och vi vill gärna se förhandsvisningar av framtida evenemang. Ett annat viktigt mål är att stärka relationer med befintliga kontakter och få nya vänner!
Üks vastutustundliku turismi nädala olulisemaid eesmärke on innustada järjepidevust - soovime väga kuulda uudiseid hiljuti toimunud või eesseisvatest konverentsidest ja üritustest. Teine oluline eesmärk on tugevdada suhteid vanade sõpradega ja leida uusi sõpru!
Eines der wichtigsten Ziele von Responsible Tourism Week ist es, Anreize für Kontinuität zu schaffen - wir würden wirklich gerne neusten Tourismus Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen zu hören, und wir möchten, freuen sich auf Ereignisse in der Zukunft. Ein weiteres wichtiges Ziel ist es, Kontakte zu stärken und neue Freunde!


Vi kommer att använda Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter och YouTube för att dokumentera metoder på turismområdet runt om i världen.Var ärlig och var offentlig. Detta är den vecka där du får skrika ut till världen de bra saker du ser omkring dig. Skapa en lokal händelse. Stöd en lokal händelse. Gör en foamboard. Skapa nya eller följa de ämnen som du har intresse och passion för. Prata mat, prata volontärarbete, prata slowtravel / localtravel, meddela vad du känner för släpp loss!
Me kasutame näidete esitlemiseks järgmisi vahendeid - Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, SlideShare, Twitter, YouTube.

Ole aus ja avalik. See on nädal, kus sa saad teadvustada maailmale häid asju, mida sa näed enda ümber. Loo oma kohalik sündmus. Toeta mõnd kohalikku sündmust. Tee "foamboard". Algata ja juhi teemat või jälgida teemat, mille osas tunned kirglikku huvi. Aruta teemadel - toit, vabatahtlik tegevus, aeglane reisimine, kohalik reisimine, või misiganes muul haakuval teemal mis sulle pähe tuleb!
Wir werden mit Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter und YouTube auf den Tourismus Praktiken auf der ganzen Welt zu dokumentieren.Seien Sie ehrlich und öffentlich. Dies ist die Woche, bei der Sie schreiben, um die Welt der guten Dinge, die Sie sehen, um Dich herum. Erstellen Sie ein lokales Ereignis. Unterstützung ein lokales Ereignis. Erstellen Sie ein lokales Ereignis. Machen Sie eine Foamboard. Führen Sie den Weg oder folgen Sie den Themen, für die Sie Interesse und Leidenschaft. Talk Essen, reden Freiwilligenarbeit, sprechen slowtravel / localtravel sprechen, was Ihnen am Herzen liegt, fallen die Groschen!

How do we participate?

how do we participate? (mother language day)

Tips: How to participate

Let Ron know if you would like to participate.

Be inspired and be inspiring - Attitude is everything.
Bloggers - Please link to this page and feel free to embed the artwork of your choice
Have your say - Comment on Ron's blog
Face time - Introduce yourself on Facebook
Walk the talk - Practice responsible tourism where you are.
Live local - Organize a local Photosafari and/or Green drinks
Play nice! - Use Responsible Tourism Week as an opportunity to build healthy relationships at the local AND international levels.
Prepare - Budget time and plan now by circling the dates on your calendar
Register - If you'd like to learn how to use Web 2.0 channels, register online and test out a few
Make it delicious - Eat good local food and let visitors know where to treat their taste buds with local or organic or fair trade goodies.
Be generous! - Compliment someone via Twitter, fave a photo or write a testimonial on Flickr, like us on Facebook, give a thumbs up to a video on YouTube.
Be creative - Make your own poster or video showing responsible tourism in action
Survey Says ... - What is responsible tourism? Please answer the RT survey
Flickr - Add photos to the Flickr Groups: City Parks , World Parks , World Food and World Trees, Si Más Bicicletas (Yes More Bicycles)


Conference organizers - Provide summaries or previews of events featuring responsible travel
Government officials - Prepare blogs, tweets, flickr albums and Slideshare presentations about your work in responsible travel
Journalists - Preview Responsible Tourism Week in your blog or twitter account and ask questions that you'd like assistance. Afterwards, please keep us updated on features that focus on responsible travel.
Guidebook Authors and Publishers - Preview Responsible Tourism Week in your blog or twitter account and ask questions that you'd like assistance. Afterwards, please keep us updated on how your books integrate new information generated during RT Week
Students - Tell your teacher and class about Responsible Tourism Week. Print out the free posters (below) for your classroom or academic message board
Teachers - Tell your students and class about Responsible Tourism Week. Print out the free posters (below) for your classroom or academic message board
Travelers - Please answer the RT survey
Travel companies - If your services are particularly eco- and people-friendly, let the world know. Add photos to Flickr, videos to YouTube, prepare a Slideshare presentation about how your work features responsible travel; print the free posters (below) for your office; invite your clients to write blogs and add tweet about specific actions and/or questions you have today
Travel companies featured on Planeta.com - Do all of the above AND add photos to Workshop 21
Spanish language schools featured on Planeta.com - Have teachers and students write about responsible travel en español. Add photos to Taller 21
Editors - Editors, please help translate key terms and phrases on this page
Patrons - Those interested in financially supporting Responsible Tourism Week should contact Ron.

YouTube Playlist


English: Responsible Tourism
Spanish: Turismo Responsable
Swedish: Ansvarfulla Turistveckan
Estonian: Vastutustundlik Turism
Afrikaans: Verantwoordelike Toerisme
German: Tourismus mit Vertantwortung
French: Tourisme Responsible

English: Responsible Tourism Week
Spanish: Semana de Turismo Responsable
Swedish: Vecka av Ansvarsfull Turism
Estonian: Vastustundliku Turismi Nädal
Afrikaans: Week van Verantwoordelike Toerisme
German: Woche des Tourismus mit Vertantwortung
French: Semaine du Tourisme Responsible

English: A Call to Action
Spanish: Una Llamada para Acción
Estonian: Kutse tegevusele
Afrikaans: Tyd om iets te doen
German: Zeit zu handeln
French: Allons y

every local job is vital

American English: In a small town, being neighborly is essential and every local job is vital. blog
British English: In a small town being neighbourly is essential and every local job is vital.
Spanish: En un pueblito ser amigable es esencial y cada trabajo local es clave.
Swedish: I en liten stad, är grannsämja viktigt och varje lokal arbetsmarknad är avgörande.
Estonian: Väikeses kohas on heanaaberlik suhe tähtis ja iga töökoht on tähtis.
Afrikaans: In 'n klein dorpie, naasteliefde is noodsaaklik en elke plaaslike werksgeleentheid is noodsaaklik.
German - In einem kleinen Ort ist gute Nachbarschaft unerlässlich und jede lokale Beschäftigung ist lebenswichtig.
Irish #1: I mbaile beag chomhair a bheith riachtanach, agus tá gach post áitiúil ríthábhachtach.
Irish #2: I mbaile beag, tá dianghá le comhbhá i measc daoine agus tá tábhacht ar leith ag baint le gach post agus le gach ionad oibre
Lithuanian: Mazame mieste buti kaimynisku yra naudinga ir kiekvienas aplinkinis darbas yra svarbus.

English: Come hungry!
Spanish: ¡Ven con hambre!
Swedish: Kom hungrig!
Estonian: Ole näljane!
Afrikaans: Kom honger!
German: Kommt hungrig!
French: Gardez votre apetit!

English: Please Turn ON Your Smart Phones
Swedish: Snälla, slå på din smartphone
Estonian: palun lülitage oma nutitelefonid sisse
Afrikaans: Skakel asseblief jou Smart Phone aan
German: Bitte Smart Phones ANschalten
French: Gardez votre Smart Phone branchee

English: The penny drops (england slang meaning that after a period of confusion, everything is clear)
Swedish: 25-öringen trillar ned
Estonian: Jõudis kohale
German: Der Groschen ist gefallen.

English: Welcome home
Spanish: Bienvenido a casa
Swedish: välkommen hem
sotho (South Afirca) wamkelekile ekhaya
German: Willkommen daheim

English: There is more than one way to achieve an objective
Maori: Ka mate kāinga tahi, ka ora kāinga rua
Swedish: Det finns flera vägar att nå ett mål
Estonian: Eesmärgi saavutamiseks on võimalik enam kui üks tee
Afrikaans: Daar is meer as een manier om 'n doel te bereik
German: Viele Wege führen zum Ziel.
French: Il y a plus d'une maniere d'appriecier un bon plat (There is more than one way to appreciate a good dish)

There is more than one way to achieve an objective (Whakatauki)

Talking Points

Academics: The Role of Academics: How do we better integrate academic studies, tourism and Web 2.0?
Accessible travel
Biodiversity: What did we learn from the International Year of Biodiversity?
Climate Change
Definitions - Are travelers seeking or avoiding services labeled 'responsible tourism'
Indigenous Peoples - maori, sami

What's New in 2011?

Updating tips on using Foursquare
Updating tips on using Gowalla
Focus on cities
Focus on forests
Preview of capetown2
Review 2011 Responsible Tourism Fair

Buzzword Bingo

Access - Allies - Authenticity - Aviation - Backcasting - Benefits - City - Climate Change - Collaboration - Compassion - Definitions - Education - Empathy - Engagement - Expectations - Forests - Indigenous - Incentives - IYE - Local - Movement - Place - Positives - Reward for Effort - Senses - Slow - Sustainable Practice - Tick the boxes - Tipping Point - - Trees - Unconference - Volunteers - Wildlife


How much does it cost to participate? - Participation is free.
What is an unconference? - An unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven conference centered on a theme or purpose. An unconference is a looser type of event that engages participants without using an agenda. An unconference encourages discourse among attendees connecting online and creating local events.
In what language is this event? - The predominant language is English. That said, we welcome news in other languages. If you are tweeting, be sure to include the #rtweek2011 hashtag.
What's your main intended forum for engagement? - Viewing engagement: this wiki page. Participating engagement: be creative, being generous: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube.
Who can edit this page? - Colleagues and friends who are editors
What are the outcomes of RT Week? - Look for this page to be updated on a regular basis and during the week, the Planeta Update will feature highlights from Twitter dialogue and recommended features elsewhere on the Web.
Any other suggestions? Think about what you love about travel. Think about the wonderful people you have met and the great places you have had the privilege to visit. You can change the world and it starts this week.

Elsewhere on the Web

If we really want to minimize the impacts of travel, shouldn't we stop traveling?


Responsible Tourism Week



How will we evaluate the success of Responsible Tourism Week? Among our measures:

1) How many tweets will include the hashtag #rtweek2011
2) Which events will be announced?
3) Which past events will be summarized?
4) Which pages on the Planeta wiki are edited or created?
5) Which pages on Planeta.com are edited or created?
6) Which Flickr photos or albums are announced?
7) Who will provide a testimonial?
8) How many times will this wiki page be edited?
9) How many times will this wiki page be viewed? In February 2011? In 2011?

Evaluation: Wiki

The folllowing pages were updated during Responsible Tourism Week: Canada, Nepal, South Africa

Twitter evaluation




Suggested Tweets

Fall in love with Responsible Tourism Week Feb 14-18 http://planeta.wikispaces.com/rtweek2011 #rtweek2011
Mehr Verantwortung im Tourismus - Zeit zu handeln http://www.flickr.com/photos/planeta/4293260568 #rtweek2011
The 'Responsible Tourism' unconference takes place online February 14-18, 2011 http://dld.bz/AHqU #rtweek2011
Have a heart and favorite Responsible Tourism http://www.slideshare.net/planeta/rtweek2011 #rtweek2011 #BestPreso
Turn on your SmartPhone! We're testing Foursquare http://planeta.wikispaces.com/foursquare #rtweek2011
Financial support is gratefully received 4 Responsible Tourism Week http://planeta.chipin.com/responsible-tourism-week #rtweek2011
Please RT Reponsible Tourism Week: Free Poster! http://www.flickr.com/photos/planeta/5235538734 #rtweek2011
Responsible Tourism Week with added prettiness http://visibletweets.com/#query=rtweek2011&animation=1 #rtweek2011
Do something. Spontaneous. Improvise. Celebrate Responsible Tourism Week This Week http://planeta.wikispaces.com/rtweek2011 #rtweek2011
Today in Oaxaca, Cape Town, Leedsl, Auckland, Kathmandu, Melbourne and Las Vegas ... it's Responsible Tourism Week #rtweek2011
There's no end 2 the things you might know depending how far beyond Zebra you go http://www.flickr.com/photos/planeta/5428998788 #rtweek2011





Recommended Reading

Responsible tourism resources - Transitions Abroad
Origins of Responsible Tourism


Instead of motivating people to attend an online tourism conference just once, how can we encourage a habit of participation that links Web 2.0, responsible tourism and local events?

How many tourism conferences and trade shows pay attention or book green hotels?

Why are there so few 'green hotels' in cities compared to rural areas?

Which countries are serious about responsible tourism as the foundation of all tourism development?


How will we ever call ourselves a responsible destination if we cannot clean up our own act, have regard for our neighbour or for our own street? If you are the leader of a family, household, school, business, social or religious group, we urge you to make this week one in which you turn your collective attention to how we are going to build a more responsible, sustainable Cape Town for ourselves and share it with our visitors.
- Nombulelo Mkefa and Mariëtte du Toit-Helmbold, Begin a conversation about responsible tourism today

Some Additional Responsible Tourism in Cities Questions:

What is the relationship between cities and “visitor attractions” near cities?

How can surrounding areas benefit from a city promoting responsible tourism?

Which cities actively promote responsible tourism, apart from Cape Town, South Africa?

Which cities have responsible tourism examples, yet don't advertise them as such?

What is the role of voluntourism in cities as part of responsible tourism?

Why are there so few “green hotels” in cities compared to rural areas?

How can one involve city centre residents and people from poor neighbourhoods in responsible tourism in cities?

How do we take responsible travel in cities from policy to practice: How can one ensure a responsible tourism policy for cities benefits the local residents?

What responsible tourism advances could gateway cities (like Lima – Peru, Johannesburg – South Africa and Mexico City, Mexico) make to attract more transit visitors to stay longer en route?

What are good examples of transport systems – including cycling - that work both for residents and visitors and why?

What are examples of local transport systems that don't work well for visitors? Are there some easy steps to change this?

FYI: Looking back, the RTWeek2011 Page on the Planeta Wiki was the 9th most viewed page in 2011, receiving 9,414 views.

Free Posters

The bright light of sustainable practice
Haz Favorito: Come Hungry to the 2011 Responsible Tourism Fair (Oaxaca)

People who do not listen with all their senses will not hear
Si Mas Bicicletas
What does success look like?
It's fine to have recollections of the past but wisdom comes from being able to prepare opportunities for the future
Think in Concentric Circles
Volunteer: Responsible Tourism Week #rtweek2011
Responsible Tourism Week #rtweek2011
What are we going to do with this wired space?

Responsible Tourism Week 2011

Buzzword Bingo: Hyperlocal
Buzzword Bingo: Unconference = A facilitated, participant-driven conference centered on a specific topic


2011 Maori Language Week