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Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia. It's the understanding that the universe is fundamentally friendly. It's a mode of training your senses and intellect so you're able to perceive the fact that life always gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Improve your own life while improving the lives of others. - Rob Brezsny


Free Will Astrology


Free Will Astrology - Rob Brezsny
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Half of the art of pronoia is about being improvisationally receptive to life's elaborate scheme to shower you with blessings. The other half is about learning to be a co-conspirator who assists life in doling out blessings to help everyone else get exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.


Pronoia Notebook
Pronoia Review


If I ever produce a self-help manual called "The Reverse Psychology of Getting Everything You Want," it will discuss the following paradoxes:a. People are more willing to accommodate your longings if you're not greedy or grasping.b. A good way to achieve your desires is to cultivate the feeling that you have already achieved them.c. Whatever you're longing for has been changed by your pursuit of it. It's different from what it was when you felt the first pangs of desire. To make it yours, then, you'll have to modify your ideas about it.d. Be careful what you wish for because if your wish does materialize it will require you to change in ways you didn't foresee.
Si alguna vez producir un manual de autoayuda llamado "La psicología inversa de conseguir todo lo que quieras" se discutirán las paradojas siguientes: a. La gente está más dispuesta a satisfacer sus deseos si usted no es ambicioso ni grasping.b. Una buena manera de lograr sus deseos es cultivar la sensación de que ya han alcanzado them.c. Lo que usted está anhelando ha sido cambiado por su búsqueda de la misma. Es diferente de lo que fue cuando se sintió las primeras punzadas de deseo. Para hacer el suyo, entonces, tendrá que modificar sus ideas acerca de it.d. Tenga cuidado con lo que deseas porque si tu deseo se materialice será necesario cambiar en formas que no preveía....