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Ron Mader: Periscope- Mac's 2015 App of the Year .... and mine. And in 2016, the service has only improved.

Chatting with a friends about livestreaming video, we have more opportunities than ever to watch and webcast live video. Whether it's FacebookLive, Ustream or YouTube, Periscope or anything else, people are getting used to the idea of viewing and sharing live video. Periscope emerged in 2015 and this page aims to make sense of the social web tool from the point of view of the casual viewer AND the video producer.

On #Periscope, are you someone one’s superfan? Do you have your own superfans? = En #Periscope, ¿eres alguien superfan? ¿Tienes tus propios superfans?

November 28


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Periscope update brings three new ways to engage your audience
How to Add a Periscope Link to Your Twitter Web Profile - @Vintuitive

Apple TV

If I'm watching #periscope from AppleTV, is there a way 2subscribe to specific channels? 2give hearts?

2015 App of the Year: What we like most about Periscope

Easy to use
Great design
The whistle ping

Pet Peeves

Impossible to chromecast
On Apple TV hard to sign in / subscribe to channels. It's always a random mix

What we like most about #periscope (08.2015)

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Periscope (app)
Dogs and Drones 05.2015 on #Periscope

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Downloading other periscopes: scopedown

Scheduling a live periscope session March 2
Today: Wild Wiki Wednesday Periscope, 430pm Las Vegas 130pm Honolulu, 430pm Los Angeles, 630pm Mexico; Thursday 1230am London, 130am Durban, 730am Perth, 930am Brisbane, 1130am Auckland •

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Today (Jan 27): Wild Wiki Wednesday Periscope, 430pm Las Vegas

Jon Ralston: The revolution will be periscoped

Mexico 2016: Thanks for streaming #COP13