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NetHui -- https://2017.nethui.nz -- New Zealand's awesome annual web conference, taking place since 2012.

2017 dates are November 9-10 and the event will be held in Auckland at the Aotea Center.

Get involved. If you would like to facilitate a session, see a specific topic discussed or volunteer behind the scenes at NetHui, please fill in the form

The topics discussed at NetHui are as diverse as the Internet itself. If you’re looking for a safe, open, inclusive space to engage with your community about the Internet and all that goes with it, then NetHui will be your kind of place and we’d love to have you involved.

If you’re stuck for ideas, the programmes from past NetHui are available at http://2016.nethui.nz and http://2015.nethui.nz.

After submissions close on July 31, NetHui will create the NetHui programme. This will include:
  • August 2017: After submissions close, a programme meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 August in Auckland, Wellington and online. There will be a consolidated and anonymised report on the submissions and ideas which will be discussed at the this meeting. During the week of August 14 NetHui will match and connect people interested in similar topics to work together on discussion sessions, as well as invite panelists and confirm availability for workshops, pre-events and meet-ups for those who have expressed interest in running these.
  • September 2017: Session titles and any other confirmed details are due by September 11.
  • October 2017: All session details must be finalised by October 9. In late October (date TBC) a pre-event meeting for facilitators and session organisers will be held in Auckland, Wellington and online. This will provide a full briefing before the event for all those involved in the programme.

NetHui wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of a large number of sponsors and community supporters. Those who would like to sponsor NetHui 2017 should look at the
sponsorship prospectus

Key Links

NetHui NZ



2017 Tweets


Previously: 2016 NetHui

The 2016 iteration was a roadtrip:

October 13 Nelson
October 15 South Auckland
October 17 Rotorua

2016 Links



What we love

  • The event has a solid ethos
  • Livestreaming is integrated into the event
  • Indigenous culture is integrated into the event
  • Respect for diverse voices is integrated into the event
  • Collective notetaking on Google is world-class

What we'd like to see

  • We'd love to see participants take us out into the streets and into the parks of Nelson, South Auckland and Rotorua if not during NetHui, then after NetHui. Can we see some #periscope and photo safaris in city parks?
  • More Māori connections! Thanks to NetHui we've discovered great initiatives and apps including TangataWhenua and Hika Lite... and we're starting simple, with learning how to pronounce 'Hui.' ... and Nethui tui. Please, if there are other apps and services that educate visitors to Māori language and culture, let us know.
  • Coverage of NZ tourism and conservation. While we understand that the event is focused on internet/computer policy, our ears perk up when you show how the travel and nature sectors in NZ are taking to the social web.

Kudos to the sponsors

A special thank you to gold sponsors of #nethui South Auckland - @SparkNZ and @ChorusNZ - big ups for helping make this happen!


We're just talking to each other
1:40 http://livestream.com/i-filmservices/NetHui2016NelsonStream1/videos/138659612

Ron MaderWatching this on the livestream, I want to thank you for sharing. What grabs me is similar to what one gentleman said -- that these road trip NetHuis should focus attention on rural New Zealand.

I understand local access can be costly and difficult to some. But the issue I'd raise is how difficult it is for foreigners to better understand NZ and in particular the rural countryside

about 14 hours ago

Ellen Strickland
Ellen Strickland

Moving from early adopters to early majority'

.@nelsoncitynz@tasmandc residents - what sessions are you looking forward to at NetHui Nelson? #WhyDoYouNetHuihttp://2016.nethui.nz/nelson/programme-nelson …

what grabs you
halftime nethui tui courtesy of radionz

October 15 Auckland

in partnership with the Southern Initiative at Auckland Council, to South Auckland.
Manukau Institute of Technology
Cnr Davies Ave & Manukau Station Road, Auckland

When driving from the City on State Highway 1, ignore the signboard - “MIT, This Exit” just past Otahuhu as it leads to another campus of MIT. You need to take the REDOUBT ROAD exit. Please turn right at the exit and that road becomes Manukau Station Road.


Looking forward to South Auckland #NetHui tomorrow. Exhibits by @2020TrustNZ@aucklandmuseum@mikahaka@hi5http://realityvirtual.co & more!

Monday, October 17
Monday 17 October 2016
The NetHui roadtrip is taking us to Rotorua this year, in partnership with Rotorua Lakes Council.
Rotorua Lakes Council

1061 Haupapa Street


Live & Upcoming Events

external image 0e86c543-ff26-487e-942c-4840518e7a4f_246x370.jpgEvent StartedNet Hui South Auckland - Stream 1401 8

external image ab95c4e6-bcd6-496a-aaec-86d80c205057_246x370.jpgSunday at 12:30 PM PDTNet Hui Rotorua - Stream 113 4

external image c1f2eb09-0705-45f3-8154-0c014fa61757_246x370.jpgSunday at 2:30 PM PDTNet Hui Rotorua - Stream 225 4

Past Events

external image f2e6ba1e-2221-46b0-9d19-17a17794c3f6_246x370.jpg29 minutes agoNet Hui South Auckland - Stream 2282 6

external image 3aba43e7-830c-48db-868d-f9e004adb81e_246x370.jpg2 days agoNet Hui Nelson - Stream 2487 6

external image cf0d1a4f-bb29-43f0-a0cb-6bf5dc879026_246x370.jpg1 day agoNet Hui Nelson - Stream 11,125 11

No Teacher Left Behind #NetHui

2015 Highlights

  • Captions of keynote presentations
  • Tui Time Alarm

New mantra: Make something new or make something better

Key Words: access, accessibility, digitalinclusion, digital colonization

What are the take-aways from the just-published Internet Report?

Tikanga? On of my favorite headlines of the year in the way it has great mouthfeel - Māori discuss whether tikanga crosses over to internet at annual NetHui

So what is Tikanga? I sense a linguistic adventure!

Clarification - It was also the Pakeha who were included in the discussion.

Weaving the web, I wonder whether Native Innovation is watching. The panels are education were similar in spirit to the Flagstaff conference.

The journalism panel was interesting, but a bit lackluster. I wish sponsored content were discussed more
Where was @ media watch. Again as an outsider
Why can't we comment on Radio NZ and Maori Television?

@virtuallykaren made an impression on stage and in the tk

FYI, as a response, the following presentations were updated

The buffering was worse this year

What we'd like to see

  • Live editing of transcripts using Google docs has been amazing. Please do this again! Intesting to see some panels used it extensively and others (Maori Meetup) ignored it completely. A recommendation - it's good to have transcripts but could the docs also be used for a survey or something more creative?
  • We'd love to see participants take us out into the streets and into the parks of Auckland if not during NetHui, then before or after NetHui. Can we see some #periscope and photo safaris in tk park?
  • More Māori connections! Thanks to NetHui we've discovered great initiatives and apps including TangataWhenua and Hika Lite ... and we're starting simple, with learning how to pronounce 'Hui.' ... How is 'Hui' in translated in Ayuuk, Sámi? and Zapotec?
  • Coverage of NZ tourism and conservation. While we understand that the event is focused on internet/computer policy, our ears perk up when you show how the travel and nature sectors in NZ are taking to the social web.
  • Google+ hangouts. Would any of the participants care to join a #NetHui hangout after the conference to unpack the lessons learned?


Friday, June 26, 5pm Las Vegas and Saturday, June 27, noon Auckland NetHui Preview

According to the NetHui Programme: "This inclusive theme covers the importance of the Internet to all Kiwis. Whether it’s a corporate venture or a not-for-profit trying to organise a campaign, social networking or surveillance – the Internet is a part of everyone’s world. And we should keep it open, uncaptureable and innovative."

Current time in NZ

Key Links

updated program

Headlines 2015

Māori discuss whether tikanga crosses over to internet at annual NetHui
The Shifting Digital Divide

Embedded Tweets


Day 0: Wednesday 8 July (not streamed live)

ISOC InterCommunity 2015 breakfast (Spark Room)
ISOC InterCommunity 2015 (Spark Room)
ISOC InterCommunity 2015 cont. (Spark Room)
Māori meetup (NZ 3)
InTAC (NZ 4)
[PacINET to start at 11am](Marlb 1)
Education forum (Marlb 2)
Morning tea (NZ Promenade)
JumpStart (Spark Room)
Māori meetup (NZ 3)
InTAC (NZ 4)
PacINET (Marlb 1)
Education forum (Marlb 2)
Lunch break (NZ Promenade)
JumpStart (Spark Room)
Māori meetup (NZ 3)
InTAC (NZ 4)
PacINET (Marlb 1)
Education forum (Marlb 2)
Afternoon tea (NZ Promenade)
[JumpStart finishes at 3pm] (Spark Room)
Māori meetup (NZ 3)
InTAC (NZ 4)
PacINET (Marlb 1)
Education forum (Marlb 2)
Digital inclusion showcase: 5 by 5 (Spark Room)
ISOC InterCommunity 2015 (Spark Room)
Open Source Society meetup (NZ 3)
Wigley Law Launching Pad(NZ 4)
Offsite event: Refactor
Offsite event: University of Auckland Public Lecture – Magna Carta Online: Security and Privacy in the Digital Age

Day 1: Thursday 9 July

Registration opens (NZ Foyer)
Welcome and Mihi (Spark Room)
Scene-setting: Jordan Carter, InternetNZ CE (Spark Room)
Ministerial address: Hon. Amy Adams, Minister for Communications (Spark Room)
Morning tea (NZ Promenade)
Keynote: Kathy Brown, ISOC CEO (Spark Room)
NetHui kaupapa: Martin Cocker, NetSafe (Spark Room)
RBI 2: Community support and demand (NZ 3)
Māori meetup follow-up (NZ 4)
Privacy in education (Marlb 1)
Govt 2.0: Digital by default (Marlb 2)
Barcamp(Marlb 3)
Chill-out room(Boardoom)
Lunch – sponsored by Facebook (NZ Promenade)
Connecting rural communities (NZ 3)
Clicktivism or slacktivism? (NZ 4)
Online dispute resolution (Marlb 1)
Domains: growth, change, transition (Marlb 2)
Barcamp(Marlb 3)
Chill-out room(Boardoom)
Internet of Things (NZ 3)
Govt 3.0: Democratic API (NZ 4)
Workplace digital literacy (Marlb 1)
Pacific Islands and the Internet (Marlb 2)
Barcamp(Marlb 3)
Chill-out room(Boardoom)
Afternoon tea (NZ Promenade)
Panel: Parliamentary Internet Forum (Spark Room)
Day 1 wrap-up session (Spark Room)
Networking drinks – sponsored by Huawei (NZ Promenade)
Wigley Law Launching Pad(Spark Room)
New Zealand Internet Research Forum meetup (NZ 3)
Code Club Auckland meetup (NZ 4)

Day 2: Friday 10 July

Registration opens (NZ Foyer)
Morning welcome (Spark Room)
Panel: Adapt or die? News media, new media, transmedia (Spark Room)
Morning tea (NZ Promenade)
NZ culture online(NZ 3)
Slowing the fast lane(NZ 4)
Why not open? (Marlb 1)
Privacy and business online(Marlb 2)
Barcamp(Marlb 3)
Chill-out room(Boardoom)
Future of financial tech (NZ 3)
Copyright on the internet (NZ 4)
Why not open? cont. (Marlb 1)
Data control in cloud environments (Marlb 2)
Barcamp(Marlb 3)
Chill-out room(Boardoom)
Lunch – sponsored by Facebook (NZ Promenade)
e-Mental health(NZ 3)
Safety and security in SMEs (NZ 4)
Open data workshop: women online (Marlb 1)
International Internet governance (Marlb 2)
Barcamp(Marlb 3)
Chill-out room(Boardoom)
Disaster recovery(NZ 3)
Is there an app for that? (NZ 4)
Open data workshop: women online cont. (Marlb 1)
Maker education (Marlb 2)
Barcamp(Marlb 3)
Chill-out room(Boardoom)
Afternoon tea (NZ Promenade)
Panel: Digital inclusion – Internet for everybody (Spark Room)
Day 2 wrap-up session (Spark Room)
NetHui 2015 finishes

NetHui involves a range of different formats. There are keynotes and plenary panels. At the heart of NetHui are 1-hour discussion sessions on topics and issues which come from the NetHui community.


Our view: NetHui sets the benchmark for engaging, inclusive, livestreaming events, particularly amenable to remote participants.

NetHui brings together a variety of players - aka stakeholders - working at the forefront and just curious about - the Internet and how digital communication can be used to improve the quality of life in New Zealand. Keynotes inspire and the breakout sessions invariably yield gems of wisdom from the participants.

Bringing together everyone involved with Internet issues, the NetHui concept is based on the format of multi-stakeholder collaboration successfully introduced by the global Internet Governance Forum.

We see this event as a good example for business conferences. In particular, we would love to see more local tourism reps attend NetHui or copy NetHui methodology in their own events. Perhaps there might be a way to collaboratively develop ideas about Collaboration in NZ Travel and Tourism.

Our challenge here on the wiki and via Storify is to capture the uncapturable.

Why we like this

Since 2011 we have paid attention to the NetHui conferences from across the Pacific with the goal of learning some new things about copyright and digital inclusion. We even picked up a few Maori phrases and insider tips from Auckland! The truth of our #NetHui fondness comes from what we see and hear as remote participants.

The event embraces online interaction with on the ground networking (face-to-face communication or kanohi ki te kanohi). #NetHui, we send our aroha!

The organizers are trying something new in 2014: requesting planning ideas and participants are invited to submit ideas for themes, sessions and speakers in the comments, everyone will be able to “like” the ones they like, and discuss them further. Here is the updated program and the index for livestreaming video (Thursday and Friday)

The Soul of NetHui

The real soul of NetHui are the streams. Rooms are arranged for circular sitting to encourage conversation. A stream or topic facilitator sets the context, taking no more than 5-10 minutes. After that, the role of the facilitator is, as they name suggests, to facilitate the discussion. No Power Points, no presentations. Just high quality conversation, welcoming multiple perspectives on the topic.

Google Docs
Disaster Recovery
Maker Education



#NetHui Matrix Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.01.15 PM

2014 Headlines

https://internetnz.net.nz/news/blog/2014/NetHui-2014-wrap - @InternetNZ
http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion/columnists/michele-a-court/10270644/The-future-of-the-internet - @MicheleACourt
http://thewireless.co.nz/blogs/static/predicting-the-web-s-future - @meganjwhelan
http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/saturday/audio/20141416/vivian-chandra-women,-youth-and-the-net - @vivster81
http://www.privacy.org.nz/assets/Files/Speeches-presentations/Nethui-keynote-speech.pdf (PDF)


Wednesday, 9 July

Registration Desk Opens - Foyer
NZ 1& 2
Mihi Whakatau, Welcome Ceremony
Housekeeping & Day one scene setting
NZ 1&2
Jump start
Marlborough 1 (main) & 3 (breakout)
NetHui Youth Forum
Marlborough 2
Māori Meetup
Morning Tea - Foyer
Jump start
NetHui Youth Forum
Māori Meetup
Jump start
NetHui Youth Forum
Māori Meetup
Afternoon Tea
Jump start
NetHui Youth Forum
Māori Meetup
Moxie side event: NetHui Edition - The next 25 years of the Internet
Meetup: Civil Liberties Online
Meetup: Creative Commons: Generation Open
Mozilla Birds of a Feather
Girl Geek Dinner - Toto

Thursday 10 July
Registration Desk Opens - Foyer
NZ 1& 2
Introduction, housekeeping - MC Michèle A’Court
NZ 1& 2
Scene setting - Jordan Carter @jordantcarter
NZ 1& 2
Ministerial address - Hon Amy Adams, Minister for Communications & Information Technology
Morning tea
NZ 1& 2
Opening Panel - The Internet and NZ: the next 25 years
NZ 3
NZ 4
Marlborough 1
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 3

Tags: Government & Citizens, Emerging Issues
Youth Wellbeing Online
Tags: Health, Emerging Issues, Community
Design Right Design for All
Tags: Access, Community
Doing Data Journalism
Tags: Culture, Openness
NZ 3
NZ 4
Marlborough 1
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 3

(Em)powering Women Using the Net
Tags: Community, Culture
Online Government
Tags: Community, Government & Citizens
Tertiary & Lifelong Learning
Tags: Education, Access, Economy & Business
Domain Names: 2014 & Beyond
Tags: Economy & Business, Infrastructure
NZ 3
NZ 4
Marlborough 1
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 3

Who are you Online?
Tags: Community, Government & Citizens
A Global Concern
Tags: Internet & the Law, Governance
Digitally Blended Learning
Tags: Education, Government & Citizens, Community
Open Data: Progress, Users, Possibilities
Tags: Economy & Business, Government & Citizens
Tea Break
Panel: Digital Rights with the Parliamentary Internet Forum
Wrap-up session
NZ 1&2
Drinks reception, hosted by Telecom
Meetup: Digital storytelling
Meetup: National Startup
Meetup: 2020 Digital Inclusion
Public Address Great Blend

Friday 11 July
Registration Desk Opens
Introduction, housekeeping - MC Michèle A’Court
New Zealand Keynote Address - Privacy Commissioner John Edwards
Panel: Privacy Online
Tea Break
NZ 3
NZ 4
Marlborough 1
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 3

Broadband Uptake & Digital Inclusion
Tags: Access, Infrastructure, Community
Government Surveillance. Keep calm and carry on?
Tags: Governance, Safety & Security
Learning Right for Working Success
Tags: Education, Economy & Business
NZ 3
NZ 4
Marlborough 1
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 3

Bootstrapping a Blockchain Economy
Tags: Economy & Business, Internet & the Law
Lurkers, Listeners & Trolls
Tags: Community, Internet & the Law
Shared Care Health Records
Tags: Health, Government & Citizens
NZ 3
NZ 4
Marlborough 1
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 3

Rural & Remote Connectivity
Tags: Access, Rural, Economy & Business
The future of finance
Tags: Economy & Business, Community
Participatory Government
Tags: Government & Citizens, Community
NZ 3
NZ 4
Marlborough 1
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 3

Curating Kiwi Content
Tags: Community, Access
Pushing Play on Content
Tags: Economy & Business, Access, Culture
NZ Internet Research Network
Tags: Emerging Issues, Community, Education
Tea Break
Panel: Convergence the Internet and the future of media
Closing remarks: Rod Drury

NetHui is being held at the Sky City Convention Centre in the heart of downtown.
Foursquare: SKYCITY Convention Centre

The next 25 years
How to NetHui

Shaping Our Future Together: #NetHui July 9-11, Auckland, New Zealand @NetHuiNZ @InternetNZ (Poster #2 with Attribution-Share Alike License)

#Nethui 2013


In 2013 Wellington hosted NetHui , New Zealand's awesome Web conference.

The overall theme of NetHui 2013 was ‘the Power of the Open Internet,’ and covered broader issues of Access, Culture, Economy & Business, Education, Internet and the Law, Governance, Health, Safety and Security and more. Besides the keynotes, there were more than 30 discussion sessions and a number of panels, keynote speeches and community events.

What we saw at the July 2013 NetHui

Terrific keynote on education and the anthropologist's nightmare. Must viewing!
Insider's view on the Occupy movements
kiwi youth talking about the internet the way they see it.
Some people being reserved about asking questions because of the live filming. I say thank you for the live filming.


We'd love to see and contribute to real-time notetaking. It was mostly miss during the keynotes
We'd love to see info about the workshop topic on the livestreaming video page that shows us the room but no details about the session
A tipsheet for remote participants. How would you like us to participate with NetHui?
Immediate video uploads. The keynotes in particular could make a greater splash if they were viewable immediately after the presentation.

#NetHui Twitterfall


July 10, 8:50am NZ
NetHui 2013 national keynote to explore ‘ReTooling School’
Pt England School Principal Russell Burt delivered the national keynote speech on Day Three of NetHui 2013. Titled ‘ReTooling School’, the national keynote explored how school can be re-engineered with Internet-based technologies to make learning more engaging and empowering. Issues of ‘equity’ and ‘access’ will also be covered, focussing on how priority learners… Read more >>
Key quote: 'Let's get in this waka and go for it.'

2013 Headlines

Maori IT Leaders set to gather in Wellington at NetHui 2013
Feature guest - Quinn Norton - Radio New Zealand

Google Docs (Collaborative Notetaking)


Recordings from NetHui 2013, held at Wellington Town Hall, 8-10 July 2013.

Day 1 - Monday 8 July

Panel Discussion - Reporting Back

InternetNZ AGM

Day 2 - Tuesday 9 July

Introduction, Housekeeping etc - Michele A'Court
Scene Setting - Jordan Carter
Ministerial Address - Hon Amy Adams

International Keynote - Quinn Norton

Session -1 - Music and the Internet - Russell Brown
Session - 1 - Harmful Digital Communications - John Edwards, Steven Price
Session - 1 - Issues, Issues, Issues - Lance Wiggs, Jay Daley
Session - 1 - Open Internet, Networked Learning - Diana Ayling, Karen Melhuish Spencer

Session - 2 - Anonymity Online - Joy Liddicoat, Michael Howden
Session - 2 - Finance and the Internet - Miki Sziksza, Joel Wiramu Pauling
Session - 2 - NZ Inc and the Internet - Hayden Glass, Paul Brislen
Session - 2 - WCIT and Onwards - Sylvia Cadena, Keith Davidson

Session - 3 - Handling Privacy Breaches - Dean Pemberton, Marie Schroff
Session - 3 - Digital Divide and 3G - Paul Brislen, Jonathan Brewer
Session - 3 - Pacific Communities Online - Emani Fakaotimanava-lui, Elley Tawhai
Session - 3 - Web Standards and Accessibility - Kevin Prince, Jason Kiss

Panel Discussion - Faster Broadband. Development, Demand and our Digital Future

Solve for X with Google X

Day 3 - Wednesday 10 July

NZ Keynote Address - Russell Burt, Principal Pt England School
Panel Discussion - Parliamentary Internet Forum

Session - 1 - Rural Connectivity - Reg Hammond
Session - 1 - Geek Lobbying - Brenda Wallace, Rochelle Furneaux
Session - 1 - Start Up Nation - Dave Moskovitz, Ross Young
Session - 1 - Your Health, Online - Laurence Millar, Sebastian Morgan-Lynch

Session - 2 - Media Convergence - Alastair Thompson, Russell Brown
Session - 2 - Digital Literacy Transformations - Nigel Robertson, Tracy Morgan
Session -2 - Open Data for Decisions - Lillian Grace, Keitha Boothe

Session - 3 - Future of Video on Demand - David Farrar, Rohan MacMahon
Session - 3 - Making BYOD Work - Helen Jones, Alex Perry
Session - 3 - Spectrum: Looking Forward - Dave Kershaw, Reg Hammond
Session - 3 - Copyright for a Digital Future - Carolyn Dalton, Susan Chambers

Session - 4 - Privacy By Design - Rochelle Furneaux, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk
Session - 4 - Crowdsourcing Support - Anna Guenther, Richard Bartlett
Session - 4 - NetHui and The Big Picture - Susan Chambers, Sylvia Cadena
Session - 4 - Open Data - Building the News - Keitha Boothe, Peter Griffen

Panel Discussion - Vision 2025 - The Internet Era Economy

NetHui WrapUp and Closing




NetHui 2013 is proudly sponsored by Google, Trade Me and Scoop Media Cartel (Gold sponsors). Silver sponsors are Facebook and Catalyst IT. Conference Wi-Fi is being provided courtesy of Bronze sponsor FX Networks, and Telecom is networking drinks sponsor. REANNZ is sponsoring the conference lanyards and TechDay the conference handbook. The conference venue – Wellington Town Hall – is being subsidised by Positively Wellington.

Remote participants: Check out the index page for NetHui 2013. This event features multiple video streams covering the plenary sessions when everyone is in ONE room and the break out "hui" sessions which take place in four rooms. For those viewers who want to watch everything, there is a matrix view


We don't promise deliverables and outcomes. Any actions that happen as a result of NetHui will be taken after the event. They will be your collaborations to make. In sessions share your experiences with the room. And if you are a geek, I hope you will spend more time listening to others than talking.
- Nat Torkington, http://www.r2.co.nz/20120711/nat-t.htm

Previously in 2013

NZDT Wed 30th Jan 5.30pm: Internet New Zealand is pleased to announce the inventor of the World Wide Web – Sir Tim Berners-Lee – will deliver a public lecture exploring the benefits of an open and uncaptureable Internet. Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s lecture will focus on the social, economic and innovation opportunities of the Internet. Through the story of his invention of the World Wide Web, he will explain why the Internet needs openness to deliver these opportunities. The lecture will deliver a powerful message: the value of the Open Internet and why it matters for New Zealand and the world.

Presentation begins at 27.40

NetHui South

NetHui South is a unique two-day conference focussing on the economic, social and cultural opportunities the Internet provides New Zealand. InternetNZ’s first ever regional Internet conference – NetHui South – is being held at Dunedin’s Otago University and Otago Museum on 23rd and 24th November 2012. In common with its parent (national) NetHui conference, the defining feature of NetHui South is its community-led and participatory nature. The overarching theme of NetHui South is ‘Shaping Our Future Together,’ a subject that addresses the varied and complex challenges arising from the Internet. In connecting local Internet issues to the international context, NetHui South provides a platform for involving and engaging local communities.

NetHui South is half way between a traditional conference and an unconference or barcamp. Like a traditional conference, NetHui South has a pre-agreed agenda. However, much like an unconference, people “participate” rather than passively “attend”. Everyone’s views are valued; everyone is encouraged to fully participate.

The real soul of NetHui South is the streams. Rooms are arranged for circular sitting to encourage conversation. A stream or topic facilitator sets the context, taking no more than 5-10 minutes. After that, the role of the facilitator is, as they name suggests, to facilitate the discussion. No Power Points, no presentations. Just high quality conversation, welcoming multiple perspectives on the topic.
The same ethos flows into the panels. There is some context setting prior to a panel followed by panel members taking 5-10 minutes to set out their respective views. Then it is an open mic. Participants are encouraged to share their own views or ask a question.
The programme is being developed with a high level of community input.

November 23-24 NetHui South
Dunedin, Otago

Stream 5 (Kakapo) - Social and Culture - Promoting cultural diversity online - Facilitator Sophia Tamati


NetHui South is an Internet conference with a distinctly South Island flavour. Bringing together everyone involved with Internet issues, NetHui South is based on the format of multi-stakeholder collaboration successfully introduced by the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF).
NetHui 2012 #NetHui


Building online Te Reo and othe rmulti-lingual content

Collaborative Notetaking

When all together, Discussion Rooms: NZ1, NZ2, NZ3, NZ4, Barcamp: NZ1, NZ2, M1, M2, M3


Scene Setting - Nat Torkington
Building online Te Reo and other multilingual content - Facilitator Potaua Biasiny-Tule
Digital Literacy and digital citizenship - Facilitator Dave Moskovitz



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digital inclusion
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Nethui Collaborative Notetaking


For those viewers who want to watch everything, there is a matrix view available.
NetHui video streams through R2
NetHui channels on Ziln
NetHui channel on YouTube

What they said ...

NetHui 2012 brings together everyone with a stake in the Internet to find ways to work together on issues. You should attend NetHui to address the big issues of the Internet and its impact on society. You will make valuable new contacts and have in-depth discussions with people from mulitiple sectors and diverse communities. It’s all about openness and participation and ensuring the Internet works for all of us. If you can’t make it, consider participating online

How do you create a timestamp on a Livestream video?
How do you create a favorite channels list on AppleTV Livestream?

Did the event have an afterparty? Yes!

Our current choice of a benchmark event is New Zealand's NetHui which has made the most of face-to-face networking and online interaction.

Code of Conduct / Kāupapa



NetHui is a community event where everyone’s opinions and ideas are equally valued. The event is open to all people regardless of age, background, gender or ethnicity.

A respectful, open attitude towards others is expected from all participants, speakers, exhibitors and volunteers. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the event.

The four pillars

  • Respect people.
  • Enable participation.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Keep it safe.

Code of conduct

NetHui is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion.

We do not tolerate harassment of NetHui participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any part of NetHui, including talks.

NetHui participants who break these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from NetHui at the discretion of the organisers.

Harassment includes verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion; sexual images in public spaces; deliberate intimidation; stalking; following; harassing photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or other events; inappropriate physical contact; and unwelcome sexual attention.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behaviour are expected to do so immediately.

If a participant engages in harassing behaviour, NetHui organisers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or asking the offender to leave the event.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of NetHui’s staff immediately.

NetHui staff will be happy to help participants contact venue security or NZ Police, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of NetHui.

We expect participants to follow these rules at all NetHui venues and NetHui-related social events. This includes all online/digital NetHui-related spaces, including Twitter and online chat channels.

We value your being at NetHui, and want everyone to feel safe and included, and to have fun!