Buzzword Bingo: Heritage = Something inherited from the past.

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Heritage = Something inherited from the past.

Heritage is a process as much as it is a thing.









Intangible Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage Treaties

(Source: New York Times - "What Does Unesco Recognition Mean, Exactly?")
  • World Heritage Convention (1972): Ratified by 188 nations. To date, there are 725 cultural, 183 natural and 28 properties combining the two, in 153 countries.
  • Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003): Ratified by 139 countries (not the United States). There are 267 traditions enshrined so far, with 27 described as "in need of urgent safeguarding." The list of intangible cultural heritage includes oral traditions and performances, social rituals and crafts - from Cambodia’s Royal Ballet to Indonesian puppet theater, to the French gastronomic meal.

National Heritage Week (Ireland) is August 20-28

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Burrup's rock art: the protracted World Heritage listing - For decades people who have been aware of the vast and precious outdoor art collection known as the Burrup rock art, on the Dampier Archipelago in Western Australia, have been calling for World Heritage listing. Six years ago the area became Australian National Heritage-listed. Last year the Australian Heritage Council recommended World Heritage listing. So what's holding it up? While mounting pressures from industry and visitors potentially threaten the engravings, the Federal Government has issued some new challenges it wants met, before it will approve the listing.


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Buzzword Bingo: Intangible Cultural Heritage is constantly recreated by communities in response to their environment

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April 18 is World Heritage Day #worldheritageday @ICOMOS

Buzzword Bingo: World Heritage

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As repository of memory preserved through its authenticity, integrity and ‘sense of place,' heritage is crucial to development.


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