Some of the Hawaiian words we’ve learned so far thanks to the #IUCNCongress

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February is #HawaiianLanguageMonth or #MahinaOleloHawaii


The term “Hawaiian” is only used to refer to people of Hawaiian descent. They are just about 10 percent of the state’s entire population. Everybody else, born and raised in the state, isreferred to as “local.” If you don’t know whether someone is of Hawaiian descent, call him or her “local.” You don’t want to be rude.
- MSN, 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Traveling To Hawaii

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IUCN: Our Aina Needs An Old-Fashioned Hookena — A Cleansing

Hawaii's beauty extends from mauka (inland) to makai (seaward).

Kulolo is a Hawaiian dessert made primarily with baked or steamed grated taro corms and either with grated coconut meat or coconut milk.

Kokua = Mutual Assistance (We need your kokua. Please don't litter.)

E hele mai! = I am coming

Da Kine


‘ōlelo Hawai‘i = Hawaiian language

Ohana = Family

Kupuna = Elder

Kuleana = Right, privilege, responsibility

‘ōlelo = language, speech

Papahānaumoku = “who gives birth to Islands”

Mo‘okū‘auhau = Origin stories or genealogy

Kama‘āina = Children of this land

One hānau = The sands of our birth = A family god, often a deified ancestor, frequently manifested as animals - poʊˈkeɪ - is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine. Poke is the Hawaiian verb for "section" or "to slice or cut"

ha 'aha 'a = humility
lokomaika„i = generosity
ho „okipa = hospitality
haipule = spirituality
wiwo = obedience
Laulima = Cooperativeness

koa = courage
Kokua = helpfulness
hanohano = dignity
ku pono = honesty
Mana'o'i'o = Faith, Respect for Nature

Haole = individuals of European ancestry, in contrast to those of native Hawaiian ancestry

loko i‘a = traditional Hawaiian fishponds

Ka pōhaku kihi pa‘a = The solid cornerstone; A reliable, dependable person (source)

Kapu = Restrictions

Mahalo = Thanks
2 choices: "He mea iki" sorta means "it's nothing." or "‘a‘ole pilikia" means "it's no trouble at all"

Laniakea means = Immeasurable heaven; also the name given to our newly defined home supercluster
Aloha =

pāʻina = dinner party

pono =
Expanding Marine Preserve Is The Pono Thing To Do

Aloha ʻĀina = Love of the land
Kīpaipai ‘ia i ka ‘oia‘i‘o = Become inspired by the authentic
A'ole no i 'ike ke kanaka i na nani o kona wahi i hanau 'ia ai = A person doesn't see all the beauties of his birthplace
Kau ke keha i ka uluna = The head rests upon the pillow. (Work is done & there's nothing to worry about)
Ke ala i ka wa ma mua, ka wa ma hope = The road to the future leads through the past.

ʻŌiwi TV produces top-quality documentaries, news and multimedia content from a uniquely Hawaiian perspective. The wisdom, beauty and power of Hawai‘i are the backdrop to the most important and interesting narratives of our generation. Founded by Nāʻālehu Anthony, Keoni Lee, and Amy Kalili, this next generation of Native Hawaiian storytellers aim to tell the stories of our land and our people. The stories we tell—from the clients we work with to the questions we ask—are shaped by our aspiration to revitalize and affirm a positive native Hawaiian world view. We work to create a new narrative of the modern Hawaiian experience.

Alaka‘i = Leadership

Example: Neither the creation nor the expansion of #Papahānaumokuākea would have been possible without our alaka‘i retracing our ancestral pathways.

Kulia E Loa'a Ka Na'auao
"Strive to Obtain Wisdom"

- motto of

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou = Happy New Year




The Hawaiian Islands In "Bioregional"
The United States in Hawaiian In "Indigenous Languages"
The World in Hawaiian In "Indigenous Languages"


Lāhui ‘Ōiwi (Native Hawaiian people)

Lāhui ‘Ōiwi Ali‘i (chiefly rulers)
Kānaka Maoli (aboriginal Hawaiians)

Holomua = Progress

aumakua = personal or familial god which can take the shape of an animal or a plant (source)

manini = small; insignificant


Kāko‘o. ‘O ke ola nō ka wai. #WaterIsLife

Makahiki, observed in honor of the god Lono, is the annual four-month season in ancient Hawai‘i when work and warfare ceased. People devoted their days to games, sports, hula and leisure, and strictly observed rules and taboos.

Oumuamua, a messenger from afar arriving first

Artwork / Cue Yourself

Kaitiaki = Guardians


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