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A formerly great example of uncoordinated collaboration ... now suffering with the addition of Swarm.

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)

Have you created an account on Foursquare?
Can you save some one else's list on Foursquare?
Can you like a list on Foursquare?
Can you add an item to a list on Foursquare?
Do you know how to turn 'geolocation' on or off on your smartphone?


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Foursquare Surpasses 10 Million Users - Mashable
Foursquare Buzz - USA Today
1 billion check-ins
3 billion check-ins

Headlines: Swarm

Foursquare: Types of Engagement - Tipos de Compromiso (tools)

Be attentive
Be attentive
Check in
Be creative
Create spots
Crear lugares
Be creative
Create a list
Crear una lista
Be generous
Upload photos
Subir fotos
Be generous
Embed a map
Incrustar un mapa
Be generous
Add comment
Agregar comentario
Be curious
Follow a friend
Seguir un amigo

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Generating Utopia

Some people want to show their job is important to them, so their work place grows a huge pile, filling its surroundings with red tubes. Others want to show they are always on the go, so their landscape will fill with dozens of small hills and links in all colours. Some residents are mostly focused on the center of their city, building huge but compact structures; other spread out and integrate the city’s borders into the web.
Stefan Wagner

Comala @ Foursquare 02.2011

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Is Foursquare available in languages other than English? Spanish?
How does Foursquare benefit the tourism business owner?





Social web


2010 infographic
How Designer Marc Ecko Is Using Foursquare to Spank School Spankers
Do smartphones facilitate the discovery of local tips whilst travelling?


Oahaka (England)
Strand (Estonia)
Comala (Mexico)



Last 500 million checkins


Carlos Hernandez Topete
Christopher Hill
Ron Mader - Stats -
Aivar Ruukel
Heidi Van Der Kamp



Questions and Answers (Q&A)

What's a Mayor?- Foursquare mayorships are awarded to visitors with the most days checked into a venue over the last 60 days. A mayor in foursquare is the user with the most number of *days* with check-ins at a specific place within the past 60 days. Only one check-in per day counts towards the mayorship tally. Tip: Only users with a photo uploaded to their account (no faceless mayors!) will be eligible, so you should upload a photo from your settings page. Details

What's a badge? - Badges dreamt up by the members of the foursquare team, for things like regular workouts at your gym or being a local at your neighborhood coffee shop. Example

What are the benefits? - Members get recommendations and deals based on where you, your friends, and people with your tastes have been.

How should I interpret/share my stats? When you log in, you have access to your personal stats from the current week or month. You have the option of sharing your stats or keeping the page private.

What's the difference between accessing Foursquare from a smartphone or a laptop/desktop computer? It's easier to see the photos from the smartphone; Only way to rank photos is from the desktop or laptop computer

How do I embed a Foursquare list? Use


The idea of turning an otherwise mundane process into a game, to give people more of an incentive to do it, has been a hot trend this year, known as gameification. Foursquare, which turns the tedious business of rating restaurants and shops into a huge online game, is perhaps the best example.
- And now, the weather... from 1914


Incorrect name/address
Mislocated map pin
Venue is closed
Venue is a duplicate


Please remember you can always go to your User Settings page to adjust your account and contact info, privacy controls, email preferences and options linking to Twitter and Facebook.


Only you can add places to this list.
Let friends add places, too

2012 News

2012 has been a pretty huge year. We’ve released over fifty new features, welcomed nearly 15,000,000 new people to Foursquare, and had our 3,000,000,000th check-in. It’s a bit clichéd to say this, but your support really is what keeps us going day after day.
As our product evolves, one of the things we do is update our policies to match it. And a big aspect of that is privacy (something we think about a lot). This email lays out a couple changes that we’ll be making to our privacy policy in the coming month, and explains how they affect you and what you can do about it.

We know that privacy policies can be dense, so we put together a high-level document that we think of as our “Privacy 101.” It describes, in an easy-to-read way, how we build privacy into our product. While it doesn't replace the legal need for the complete description of our privacy practices (which you can read here), we hope it helps you better understand how we think about privacy. We’ve also added new explanations of how privacy works throughout the app in our FAQs, including our default privacy settings and how they can be adjusted.

Today's question

How do I remove a photo I've added to Foursquare?


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Connected Cards
Local Updates

Your friend Enrique Noé wants to save you some time and check you in here!

Turning this feature on allows your friends to check you in (we’ll send you a notification when they do). You can always delete individual check-ins, or turn this off in your settings.


The Value of Place

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca is now on Foursquare #4sqcling