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Those using Flickr are able to share photos in groups. It's a great way to develop social web skills.

Flickr groups are an excellent example of documentation and visual storytelling. They can also be used to show behaviors we'd like to see -- eating more healthy, respecting city parks, connecting museum staff and the public, for example. No one person can be expected to do this alone and groups are a fun way of collaboration.

Several of these groups have developed critical mass including World Museums, World Mountains, World Food, Oaxaca Trees, World Parks and City Parks. Join us!

Tip - Check out Flickr's official group guidelines.

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If you are a fan of a certain group, mention this on Twitter and include the link!


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Group Info
Workshop 21 compliments's World Travel Directory and show eco practices, including biodiversity conservation, recycling, environmental education and outdoor travel!

Workshop 21 Pool
external image workshop21-110419202052-phpapp01-thumbnail-2
Frida Khalo (Noche de Rábanos) #oaxacatoday
Taller 21 compliments the Directory of Spanish language schools featured on Of particular interest are eco practices, including biodiversity conservation, recycling and environmental education.

Taller 21 Pool
external image taller21-110419211149-phpapp02-thumbnail-2

Conscious, Local, Foodie, Responsible Travel and Ecotourism Around the World

Wiki Info
external image 2780592634_3b0f97a159_t.jpg
Ecotourism Europe
Ecotourism Europe Pool
external image ecotourismeurope-100917202830-phpapp01-thumbnail-2
external image 2417712329_03e4da26bf_t.jpg
Ecotourism Africa
Ecotourism Africa Pool
external image ecotourismafrica-101013150630-phpapp01-thumbnail-2
external image 3714157141_70471dc7f8_t.jpg
Ecotourism Asia
Ecotourism Asia Pool

external image 3772463253_a92b9506f6_t.jpg
Ecotourism Oceania
Ecotourism Oceania Pool

external image 188135205_6e6307965c_t.jpg
South American Ecotourism
Re-Imagining South American Ecotourism Pool

external image 3598074515_3b960ac702_t.jpg
North American Ecotourism
Re-Imagining North American Ecotourism Pool

Featured Groups

Wiki Info
What we're looking for ...
external image 2974849762_f4ab2a1b52_t.jpg
World Climate
World Climate
Book covers and presentations about climate change
external image climate-1228611261090461-9-thumbnail-2?1246596374
external image climatetips-090714082332-phpapp01-thumbnail-2?1247598122
external image 3873894069_65905723fc_t.jpg
City Parks
City Parks
Pocket parks and urban ecotourism (hiking, biking, bird-watching)
external image cityparks-090919181135-phpapp02-thumbnail-2?1253401914
external image 2737172870_08973a419a_t.jpg
World Parks
World Parks
Parks and protected areas, biodiversity, conservation
external image worldparks-090919192311-phpapp01-thumbnail-2
external image 5812639863_1077c2be47_t.jpg
World Crafts
World Crafts
World Crafts Pool
external image craftingourfuture-111122164634-phpapp01-thumbnail-2
external image 243208719_cc2caa4364_t.jpg
World Food
World Food
Spotlight on local food

external image 2831164003_84704048c5_t.jpg
World Market
Markets around the world

external image 66485638_370a13cda5_t.jpg
World Museums
World Museums
Favorite museums and behind the scenes tours provided by museum staff
external image worldmuseums-090516072532-phpapp02-thumbnail-2?1252691804
external image 3089157668_c575260e30_t.jpg
World Mountains
World Mountains
Mountain culture and conservation
external image mountains-1228689549697873-8-thumbnail-2?1233753425
external image 1777343694_4a2aa00f81_t.jpg

external image worldwater-1233785593556203-2-thumbnail-2?1233852072

Local Groups

Wiki Info

Bring your hat! Multilingual Monte Alban Photo Safari in Oaxaca #rtweek2012
Oaxaca Today
Oaxaca Today Pool
external image oaxacatoday-110709082154-phpapp01-thumbnail-2
external image 3211630170_b5859e59b0_t.jpg
Árboles de Oaxaca (Oaxaca Trees)
Oaxaca Trees
Native and exotic trees in Oaxaca, Mexico
external image arboles-101106080102-phpapp01-thumbnail-2

More Topical Groups

Wiki Info
What we're looking for ...
external image 3273222950_985d9fb18c_t.jpg
Birds of the world
Birds of the World
Birds in their natural environment, conservation measures

external image 3809031950_f68775fb5f_t.jpg
World Trees
World Trees
Notable, historic and beautiful trees

external image 2959409058_b766aa8c5f_t.jpg
Rural Tourism
rural tourism
Travel in rural communities

external image 100022265_670352679b_t.jpg
World Deserts
world deserts
Desert wildlife and conservation

external image 208315532_999afa10d3_t.jpg
World Energy
world energy
Spotlight on renewable energy!

World Water features
water conservation and recreation
World water

external image 3424686632_a229b53694_t.jpg

Accessible Travel

accessible travel
infrastructure and signage related to accessible travel

external image 3238916214_746152148d_t.jpg
World Astronomy
world astronomy
Celebrate the International Year of Astronomy.

external image 3890364562_e5da2da39d_t.jpg
World Signs
world signs
Signs and signage

external image 280082144_7a71fa3b35_t.jpg
World Sports
world sports
Sports and sporting events around the world


Artwork / Cue Yourself

How to put your photos online Flickr

La Hora Magica = The Magic Hour


Magic Hour = La Hora Mágica
A Particular Time, around an hour before sunset or after sunrise, when light is at its most golden and details emerge across the spectrum.
Un momento determinado, alrededor de una hora antes del atardecer o al amanecer, cuando la luz está en su más dorado y detalles surgen en todo el espectro.


Photographs and discussion can be encoded in RSS!


To Flickr's credit, there's promotion of groups from the Groups page -- -- but it's unclear how the groups are selected or how a group creator might suggest to Flickr, hey, have a look! I've gotten more promotion for my Flickr groups from Slideshare than from Flickr and that just seems odd.
Promoting Groups

Country Essays

Australia Flickr
Ecuador Flickr
Mexico Flickr
New Zealand Flickr


Day of the Dead around the WorldThe focus of this group is the Day of the Dead holiday (November 1-2). Show us the altars and preparation for the Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos holiday. Photos need to be specific to this holiday. If you are taking pictures of people, please ask permission and if you can, give them a copy of your photo.

Day of the Dead Around the World - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver


GROUPS (Stats as of December 2008)


ecotourism photography

More Groups (talking points about Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and Sports Tourism)

After Wilma
Mexican palette
West Coast New Zealand
Si Mas Bicicletas
Sustainable tea and coffee
Flickr Hacks
Dogs on Roofs
Monthly moment in time

Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town - Please only post your best pictures, and do not post pictures that are very similar to one another, or they will be removed by an admin. Please also note that by joining this group you give permission for any photo added to it to be featured on the official Two Oceans Aquarium website, with no payment (though accreditation will always be given). We assure members that we will not use their images for any commercial purposes other than to showcase the Two Oceans Aquarium on the web. - This is the official Cape Town Tourism Flickr group. We welcome images of the world's most beautiful city. In particular, we welcome images of people enjoying the world's most beautiful city.




World Rugby Cup 2007 - BBC


My Australia Holidays
We Visit Mexico


The Value of Collaboration
Responsible Travel Photography
Fair Trade in Travel Writing and Photography

Moderated Groups

Photos submitted to a moderated group generate the following automatic announcement
OK. That's been submitted the group. If is approved by the group administrator, it will show up in the group pool.


If you administer a group with pending photos, is it possible to receive an email stating the group has pending photos?

Are there suggestions of how to nicely let contributors know that their photos have not been accepted in a group?