Anyone on #Flickr? My odometer just passed 10 million views @ronmader
How to Make the Most of Flickr

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We used to be big fans of Flickr -- -- the user-generated photography website which launched in February 2004. This pioneering social web site rewards interaction and offers access to Creative Commons-licensed images. There are some gripes we address below as pet peeves, but on the whole, Flickr is our old-school social web darling.

Breaking (March 2017): Aviary Upgrade The edit photo feature on the Flickr photo page is currently disabled pending an upgrade. The older version of Aviary that was being used unexpectedly stopped working recently, and Adobe is working with us to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Aviary. This means that after a brief delay (while we get the update in place), you’ll have access to a more stable, more feature rich photo editor to complement your Flickr experience! Sorry for the inconvenience of this unexpected upgrade, but we’re confident it will be worth the wait.


Ron Mader: Is there a 10 million+ view club on Flickr? I don't want to brag, but I'd like to think this means something outside my own head. I just passed the marker this week and odometer-watcher that I am, I took a double take. Ten million sounds like a lot of lot of lots, incomprehensible in what this means. Beyond the fantastic number, I'm proud to say that my albums are a mix of thoughtful photos and imaginative artwork created on the fly. My entire notion of photography has changed thanks to the social web. For most of my life, photos were analog film. I work with the generation that tries to take the perfect photo instead of trying multiple times to get the action into focus and framed. Our best choices are made from a selection instead of capturing the one perfect moment, don't want to waste the film, hey wait there is no film to waste. I'm limited to 500 billion images on Flickr. How is this a thing? 500 Billion photos?

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)

Have you created an account on Flickr?
Can you login on your laptop? On your phone? On your tablet?
Have you uploaded photos?
Have you viewed your contacts' photos?
Have you edited your buddy icon?
Have you updated your profile information so it includes links to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Wiki and other social web accounts?
Have you organized your photos?
Have you added a star to someone else's image?
Have you added images to a Flickr group?
Have you checked out recent activity?
Have you checked out your stats?

How to embed a photo

Where is the HTML code and photo file link? The HTML code to embed a photo in a web page that you used to find on the All Sizes page is now only in the Share menu on the photo, to the left of the More menu.


Flickr Lessons

Flickr users are wrong
Flickr is about to sell off your Creative Commons photos
The Ins and Outs of the Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100 Million Dataset
British Library sticks 1 million pics on Flickr, asks for help making them useful
Flickr users: We hate the new site - CNET
Flickr: The ghost that haunts Yahoo - Fortune
Barack Obama and the Flickr Presidency - U.S. News & World Report
How to Start Using Flickr for Tourism Marketing (Part 1)
How Flickr can be used to market small businesses
Mapping Flickr - Oxford Internet Institute
How Flickr can help save the whales
How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

Downloading Flickr Photos

Flickr, Parks and Wildlife
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics and Value of Nature-Based Recreation, Estimated via Social Media Laura J. Sonter , Keri B. Watson, Spencer A. Wood, Taylor H. Ricketts

Conserved lands provide multiple ecosystem services, including opportunities for nature­based recreation. Managing this service requires understanding the landscape attributes underpinning its provision, and how changes in land management affect its contribution to human wellbeing over time. However, evidence from both spatially explicit and temporally dynamic analyses is scarce, often due to data limitations. In this study, we investigated nature­based recreation within conserved lands in Vermont, USA. We used geotagged photographs uploaded to the photo­sharing website Flickr to quantify visits by in­state and out­of­state visitors, and we multiplied visits by mean trip expenditures to show that conserved lands contributed US $1.8 billion (US $0.18–20.2 at 95% confidence) to Vermont’s tourism industry between 2007 and 2014. We found eight landscape attributes explained the pattern of visits to conserved lands; visits were higher in larger conserved lands, with less forest cover, greater trail density and more opportunities for snow sports. Some of these attributes differed from those found in other locations, but all aligned with our understanding of recreation in Vermont. We also found that using temporally static models to inform conservation decisions may have perverse outcomes for nature­based recreation. For example, static models suggest conserved land with less forest cover receive more visits, but temporally dynamic models suggest clearing forests decreases, rather than increases, visits to these sites. Our results illustrate the importance of understanding both the spatial and temporal dynamics of ecosystem services for conservation decision­making.

Pet Peeves

How to get stats for 'unknown source'?
Why does the mobile app not include access to my account's stats?
Why does the mobile app not allow administrators to invite photos to Flickr groups?
Why does the mobile app not allow administrators of Flickr groups to moderate pending photos?
Flickr Slideshow no longer works with groups. Does work?
What happened to the random badge generator?


Uploads from planeta

Buzzword Bingo

Activity - Add Contact - Administration - Album - App - Authorize - Automatic Upload - Batch - Blog - Buddy icon - Collection - Comment - Contacts - Conversation - Creative Commons - Edit Profile - Endless Scrolling - Exif - Explore - Family - Favorite - Flickr - #flickrfriday - Freemium - Friend - Gallery - Geolocation- Groups - Guidelines - Help Forum - Interesting - Justified View - Lightbox - Mosaic - Organize - Organize and Create - People - Photo - Photo - Photography - Photostream - Pool - Pro - Profile - Recent - Relevant - Recent Activity - Safety Check - Screenshot - Search - Share - Star - Stats - Tags - Take me to the kittens - Terabyte - Upload - Yahoo


welcome to the flickrverse

Flickr: Levels of Engagement - Niveles de Compromiso (tools)

Be attentive
Be creative
Add photos or short videos
Agrega foto o video breve
Be generous
Add star or comment
Agrega estrella o comentario
Be generous
Embed RSS
Incrustar RSS
Be generous
Share photos in a group
Compartir fotos en un grupo
Be generous
Add other people's photos to a gallery
Agrega fotos de otros en una galeria (expo)
Be generous
Add comment
Agregar comentario


How to put your photos online

Do you have photos of your services or products? Would you like to have Web presence at an affordable cost? Would you like to show potential visitors what you offer before they arrive? Would you like to explain the significance, value and the process of production?

In a few steps you can add your photos to Flickr, an online photo service recommended because of its ease and flexibility:

1 – Take your own photos.

2 – Create a Flickr account.

3 – Upload photos from your smartphone or put your photos on your computer or on a CD or memory stick.

4 – Add your photos to your Flickr account.

5 – Add a relevant title, description, tags.

6 –Add your photos to relevant group(s).

7 – Repeat this process on a regular basis -- once is not enough!

8 – Teach someone else and learn by teaching.

Requirements: Digital photos, account on Flickr
Mobile app: Yes
Optional: Computer, memory stick
Advantages: Easy, fun, low cost, intro to the social web

Como poner tus fotos en línea

¿Tienes fotos de tus servicios o productos que ofrece? ¿Te gustaría mejorar tu presencia en Internet por un costo económico? ¿Te gustaría mostrar e educar los clientes antes de que vengan? ¿Te gustaría explicar el significado, valor y el proceso de tus productos?

En unos pasos sencillos puedes agregar tus fotos en Flickr, una herramienta de Internet recomendado por su facilidad y flexibilidad.

1 – Toma tus propias fotos.

2 – Crear una cuenta de Flickr.

3 – Subir tus fotos desde tu smartphone o pon las fotos en tu computadora o en un disco o memoria.

4 – Transfira las fotos a tu cuenta de Flickr.

5 – Agrega nombre, descripción y etiquettas relevantes.

6 – Agrega las fotos en grupos relevantes.

7 – Repita el proceso con cierta frequencia -- una vez es ninguna vez!

8 – Enseña alguien más y se aprende enseñando.

Requisitos: Fotos en formato digital, cuenta de Flickr
Mobile app: Si
Opcional: Computadora, memoria
Ventajas: Facil, divertido, costo minimo, Intro a las redes sociales

Wie stellen Sie Ihre Fotos online

Haben Sie Fotos von Ihren Dienstleistungen oder Produkten? Möchten Sie eine Web-Präsenz zu einem erschwinglichen Preis haben? Möchten Sie potentiellen Besuchern zeigen, was Sie anbieten, bevor diese ankommen? Möchten Sie den Produktionsprozess bzw. dessen Bedeutung und Wert erklären?

In Schritten können Sie Ihre Fotos zu dem Online-Foto-Dienst Flickr. Dieser ist empfehlenswert, wegen seiner Einfachheit und Flexibilität:

1 - Machen Sie eigene Fotos.

2 - Erstellen Sie einen Flickr-Account.

3 - Stellen Sie die Fotos, die Sie online stellen möchten auf Ihrem Computer, auf einer CD oder einem USB-Stick zusammen.

4 - Laden Sie Ihre Fotos auf Ihr Flickr-Konto.

5 - Versehen Sie Ihre Bilder mit entsprechendem Titel, Beschreibungen und Tags.

6- Fügen Sie Ihre Fotos zu relevanten Gruppen hinzu.

7 - Wiederholen Sie diesen Vorgang in regelmäßigen Abständen mit immer neuen Fotos - einmal ist nicht genug!

8 - Empfehlen Sie Flickr und erklären Sie anderen wie es funktioniert. Lernen Sie durch dieses Erklären selbst.

Voraussetzungen: Digitale Fotos auf Flickr-Konto
Mobile app: Yes
Optional: Computer, Memory-Stick
Vorteile: Einfach, Spaß, niedrige Kosten, Einführung ins social web

Kuidas panna oma fotod veebi

Kas sul on fotosid sinu teenustest ja toodetest? Kas sa tahaksid veebis "kohal olla" taskukohase hinnaga? Soovid sa näidata külastajate, mida sul on pakkuda juba enne kui nad kohale jõuavad? Tahad sa jaga selgitusi oma pakutava väärtustest, tähendustest?

Alljärgnevad sammu, kuidas lisada oma fotod Flickr-isse, mis on veebipõhine fotode jagamise teenus, soovitatav eelkõige oma lihtsuses ja paindlikkuses:

1 - Vali välja oma fotod.

2 - Loo Flickr konto.

3 - Pane oma fotod arvutisse või CD-le või mälupulgale.

4 - Lae oma fotod Flickr kontole.

5 - Lisa igale fotole asjakohane pealkiri, kirjeldus ja märksõnad.

6 - Lisa oma pildid asjakohastesse gruppidesse.

7 - Korda seda protsessi regulaarselt - ühest korrast ei piisa tulemuste saamiseks!

8 - Õpeta Flickri kasutamist kellegile teisele ja õpi õpetades.

Nõuded: digifotod, konto Flickris
Mobile app: Yes
Vabatahtlik: arvuti, mälupulk
Eelised: Lihtne, lõbus, madal hind, sobiv sissejuhatus
social web


FlickrStackr - Facebook - @ipontCA





Additional Skills

Change your buddy icon
Make a mosaic
Make a calendar
Create a gallery


Flickr boasts 92 million users and 10 billion photos.

Flickr Pro benefits

Advanced Skills

Learn how to 'grab the code' from a Flickr image in HTML and add to a widget

Tip - When you upload photos, add a description, tags and geolocation

Tip: Find your Flickr ID

Connect with friends on Facebook

Spotlight on Flickr Pro

Suggested Tweets

Be generous: Buy someone a Gift Account on Flickr
Have fun with Flickr toys! @bighugelabs #flickrfriday
Organize and create on Flickr #flickrfriday

Flickr Blog (a blog without comments is not a blog)

Stats for your account | flickr

These friends like Flickr

Discussion Boards

Questions and Answers

What are the best ways to use Flickr for tourism businesses? - One is to show what you offer! Second is to highlight (star) photos taken of your business from satisfied visitors. Curate a gallery of favorites images.

Can I add notes to a picture? - On your photos, always. On other people's photos, sometimes. It depends on the setting the photographer has established. Examples: Green and Gold Contingent and Teotitlán

What's a gallery? A gallery is a collection of other people's images that you curate. Examples: Planeta's galleries and galleries with Planeta's photos. Here's the Indigenous Peoples Week gallery. Another fave: Animals - Galatea-de-las-esferas
More info: what's a gallery?
Tip: If you want others to add your pics to a gallery, change the privacy settings

When will Flickr have facial recognition? - Good question

Question of the Week

How do I add my Flickr photos to Facebook?
Share your public Flickr uploads on your Facebook news stream.
How do I allow others to share my photos? Change the settings!

Inspiring (trying to create a top 10)

How to improve Flickr (suggestions welcome!)

Let people comment or share the Flickr Blog
Let members make their stats public

Make it easier for groups to be noticed online

Embedded Tweets

How to Grab HTML Code

How to grab HTML code on Flickr


For those people who do not fancy themselves a photographer, remember that the top-selling camera these days is a cellphone.

The bottom line is that if we really want greener, more responsible travel, then we might want to take a bit more time taking pictures that plant the seed of a really good story.

Consider your descriptions and how you might encourage others to post meaningful comments. This can only take place if we engage with locals and vice-versa. Listen to the locals tell their stories! Ask what they think you should take a photo. Pose for their cameras! If we want responsible tourism, we need to document the times when things are mutually beneficial.

Fave a photo! The star system is a great way of providing encouraging positive feedback. Are you planning a trip? Then fave the photos of the places you'd like to see and the food and drink you'd like to sample!

Participating in Flickr can be a lively, interactive experience. Encourage people who take splendid photos by adding stars (favorites) or by posting positive comments on the photos you enjoy. You can even gather pics you like into a gallery of your own creation. Galleries allow you to select up to 18 public photos or videos of your fellow members in one place.

Flickr Faves


Pinterest (May 2012)

Flickr & Pinterest You can now find a "Pinterest" button in the share menu to easily "pin" everything that you can share via Flickr, including photo pages, favorites, and groups. If you pin a lot, the share menu will act smartly and prioritize the Pin It button, showing it as one of the two shortcuts on the photo page. If a photographer does not want their content to be shared, the share menu will be disabled making the Pinterest option unavailable as well. Please check Flickr's FAQ and a thread in the help forum

Creating Galleries


external image 4298296831_322540b912_s.jpg

nuestro trabajo


external image 4548011215_1bf2fa61cf_s.jpg
Mi trabajo.


Mi trabajo.

Flickr Calendar

Tip - If you would like this calendar to be downloadable, change the license from 'all rights reserved' to 'Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons'

Cambia 'Todos los derechos reservados' a 'Atribución-No comercial de Creative Commons'

Example: Marlene Ehrenberg is an accomplished tour guide based in Mexico City. Here is her Flickr account

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see an invitation to subscribe to her RSS

(What's RSS? Check out )

Yes, Marlene's sets are great and show us her expertise as a tour guide who knows the country of Mexico

And she's been generous, adding the 'favorite' star to pictures she likes

The profile is also well done

All in all, this is a good example of how a tourism pro effectively uses Flickr as a way of showing the world what she does. When I look at her pictures I am either inspired and educated!

More Flickr

Handsup Holidays

New Frontiers Adventures
Balamku Inn
Bicicletas Pedro Martinez (Mexico)
Black Sheep Inn (Ecuador)

Tip - If you add any of these colleagues as a contact, you'll be able to see their latest photos online


Upgrade our relationship


Increase the reach of your photo
Potenciaría el alcance de la foto

Flickr Q&A

What is Flickr? - Flickr is a website that allows users to store, sort, search and share photos online.

What is your top tip? - When you register on Flickr, write down your ID and password.

Can I put my Flickr photos on my website? - Yes! You can configure a dynamic badge of Flickr photos to add to your website. The badge -- a widget -- generates the code that you can embed on your own website. What I like most is the 'random' generator that selects different pics each time a page is loaded. I use this a lot on, starting with the markets in Oaxaca -- -- in which I wanted to be inclusive. I generally use the HTML badge as I don't find the Flash appealing.

Should I put my photos on Facebook or Flickr? - Your photos on Facebook will be available to your friends. If you want them publicly viewable, use Flickr. Plus, Facebook has an ap that allows it to import all of your uploads from Flickr. To set up the Facebook connection, just go to Your Account.

We have a tourism business and I'd like to add photos from our customers and friends. Is this ok? - Always make sure that you have permission from our customers and friends. Also, credit the photographer in the description on the photo.

Tip # 2? Share photos in relevant groups.

Tip # 3? Fave a photo!

Tip # 4? Favorite more photos than you post comments.

There is no limit on the number of favorites you can have.

How many images are online Flickr? - As of September 2010 more than 5 billion!

Who can organize a Flickrmeet or Fotosafari? - Anyone can organize an event to bring together Flickr photographers. Plus, it's free!

Is there an easy way to share stats on Flickr? - Stats are publicly viewable.

Is there a way to access Monthly and Yearly Stats? - Not yet

How do I sign in?- If you do not have an ID, create one. Good news. It's no longer necessary to have a Yahoo email to open a Flickr account. You can also sign in via a Gmail account or Facebook.

Can I keep some pictures private or limit viewing access? - Yes. You can select this option as you upload pictures.

How do I protect my photos from being downloaded by someone else? - You can set a global preference that controls who can download your photos. Just select a setting -- from "Only Me" to "Anyone." This setting applies to all your photos.

How do I share a photo with a group? - If you belong to a specific group, just add your photo to the group pool (if not, join the group first, because only members of a group can contribute to the group pool). The easiest way add a photo to a group is to go to the photo's page, and click on the 'Send to Group' button that you should see between the photo title and the photo itself. Click that, then choose the group you want to send it to, and you're done! Planeta groups include Accessible Travel, City Parks, World Museums, World Parks and Mexico Baseball. We also contribute to Mexican Palette and the Mezcal Pool.

In what language is Flickr available? - Flickr is available in Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, and Português. We're waiting for Zapotec and Maori!

How long should we wait for photos to appear in Flickr searches? - It may take a few weeks. If you’re new to Flickr, it’s likely that your account still needs to be reviewed. Once you’ve uploaded five public photos, your account enters the pending review queue. Until then, your photos won’t show up in public areas of the site.

How do I leave a group? - Go to your Groups page and select the group you'd like to leave. On the right-hand side, underneath the box where you can search group discussions, there's a red link labelled 'Quit (group name)?' Click this and you'll be taken to a page where you can exit the group in a graceful manner.

How do I fave a photo on Flickr? - When you are looking at a photo's individual page, you can tell the photographer (and the world) that it's one of your favorites. If you have a Flickr account and you are logged in, you will see a button on the left hand side of the photo which reads 'Add to favorites'. Click!

Can other people see my favorites? - Yes. When another person looks at your favorites, they see all the public photos in your collection.

How do I add a set to a collection? Open organize and drag the set(s) you'd like into a collection.

My friends have a friendly URL while I have a string of numbers. How do I get a more friendly URL? Get a Flickr alias. You only have one shot, so think this through.

What is the difference between uploading a photo and a graphic, such as artwork? Flickr says it is important to flag your image when it is not a photo. Identify it as art or as a screenshot.

Some, but not all, of my photos are set (unintentionally) that only contacts can comment. I know how to change that privacy individually per photo but don't yet know how common this problem is. Is there a short-cut to to this for all my photos in bulk? -** Check your account's privacy settings and see if you can edit the preference for comments.

This does not work backwards on photos uploaded with past settings - so my question remains - is there an easier way than changing each photo individually? Try changing the preferences from within organize.

Nerdy, Wonky, Fun

For fun, check out: Flickr Toys, Roytanck and the Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator. You can also create a slideshow.

fun: Flickr Toys, Roytanck, Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator


How to add photos to a set

How to create a new set
To add one of your photos to a set, log in to your account on Flickr and choose a photo.

When the particular photo is open, click 'Add to Set' or 'Create a new set'

Option #2 is to open Organize and add the photos that way.

Country Essays

Australia Flickr
Ecuador Flickr
Mexico Flickr
New Zealand Flickr
USA Flickr

Wiki Essays

social web


Flickr Tips
Flickr Tips en español

Flickr Toys / Big Huge Labs @bighugelabs

Badge Maker - Make a badge
Bead Art - Photo to bead art
Billboard - Your photo on a billboard
Blog Header - Blog header generator
Calendar - Create a monthly calendar
Captioner - Add comic book style captions
Favorite Finder - Show all of the photos belonging to one user that another user has marked as a favorite.
Favorite Surfer - Surf the favorite photos of Flickr users
Flickr DNA - Discover someone new
Framer - Frame your photos
FX - Add fun effects to your photos
Guess the Title - A multi-player Flickr photo guessing game
Hockneyizer - Create a unique photo collage
Jigsaw - Make a jigsaw puzzle
Lolcats - Lolcat generator
Magazine Cover - Make a magazine cover
Map Maker - Make a map of where you've been, add it to your profile
Matte - Add a museum-style matte to your photos
Mosaic Maker - Create a mosaic
Motivator - Make a motivational poster
Movie Poster - Make a movie poster
On Black - View images with black background
Palette Generator - Photo to harmonious color palette
Photobooth - Vintage photobooth photos - 4 poses
Picture Cube - Make your own photo dice
Photo Fortune - Your fortune told and some related photographs
Pocket Album - Print an 8-page, pocket-sized photo album from your images
Pop Art Poster - Become a pop icon
Profile Widget - A self-updating badge for your profile page
Random - View a random selection of images favorited by at least one other person
Scout - See all your photos in Explore
Sunset - Get sunrise and sunset times for any location on Earth.
Slideshow - Create a slideshow
Trading Card Maker - Make a trading card
Wallpaper w/ calendar generator - Cool desktop wallpaper
Big Huge Blog

Flickr Lessons - Slideshare
Flickr Lessons en español - Slideshare



Citizen Journalism: Flickr
Responsible Travel Photography
Photography Guide

The 5 most compelling reasons for hotels to use Flickr
  1. Flickr increases your web presence, building awareness among potential guests and travel planners
  2. Flickr can link back to your hotel website, encouraging direct bookings and helping your search engine position
  3. Flickr hosts your images for free
  4. Flickr syndicates your photos across other websites (important in Google’s universal search – which includes media)
  5. Flickr provides the opportunity to build relationships in your online community
Source: A Hotel’s Guide to Using Flickr

Commercial Use

On the detail side: Flickr is growing insanely fast and the customer care team is under a lot of pressure. It's rare that fewer than 100,000 new accounts are created in a given week and coming up with better ways to handle the incoming help cases, user-submitted abuse reports, automated abuse detection reports, and all that while still keeping up with the flow and actually answering them all is very challenging.

In enforcing the 'no commercial use' aspects of the community guidelines, we largely rely on user-submitted abuse reports. Usually the reports are helpful and accurate, and when they are not that fact is usually pretty clear to team members investigating them.

One of the special things about Flickr is the ethos. One important aspect of that is that it is not a free-for-all -- in some ways, it's a refuge from the spam-filled, cruddy "BUY NOW!", commerce-dominated ways of the net.

That's not to say we have anything against making money in general or Flickr members making money from their photos in particular. We think that's great! We also think that we have to come up with a way to help people who are interested in selling find buyers in a way that doesn't diminish the goodness of Flickr.

While that work is going on, we're maintaining a relatively hard line on commercial promotion of Flickr photos. What we're really trying to prevent are (i) people creating accounts for the purpose of promoting their business/getting people to buy their stuff/etc. which don't add any particular goodness to Flickr and Flickr members' experience of it, and (ii) people exploiting the social tools of Flickr to spam (commenting, group spamming, adding zillions of contacts, favoriting zillions of photos and all kinds of other more subtle methods)

The hard line is there for the purpose of holding back the flood: the more promotion of purchasing there is in people's primary experience of Flickr, the more it seems like that's ok and each iteration takes the promotion further until we're right where we don't want to be.

While we aim for comprehensiveness, we're too pragmatic to expect that we can be 100% consistent. I feel that that's acceptable as long as we're reasonably consistent. The only way to be 100% consistent is to have rules that operate in a binary way and that doesn't give us sufficient flexibility to deal with the various subtleties that we find.

Using Flickr for Product Marketing

Mission Statement
"We want to help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them."

Death and Dying

Some cultures - Aboriginal Australia for one - have strict guidelines on not showing pictures of deceased people. How does this play out on Flickr?

Flickr Friends


Flickrmeets, for example, offer the opportunity to explore places together.

Follow the Trees to Oaxaca's 2008 Flickrmeet
Flickrmeets - Flickr


Oaxaca Flickrmeet

Among the perks of the 2015 Flickr - widget code that automatically updates if a change is made to the image!

Manage testimonials

Encourage people who take splendid photos by adding stars (favorites) or commenting on the pictures you enjoy. Adding a star is sort of like flirting. It pays a compliment to someone else.

Eco / Conservation
Conservation Filmmakers & Photographers


ecotourism photography

World Travel Directory

Bicicletas Pedro Martinez (Mexico)

Marlene Ehrenberg (Mexico)


Barack Obama
Presidencia de la República del Ecuador



Checking out

Tiltviewer -


New Zealand: Flickr Gallery -

Elsewhere on the Web

Geek to Live: Flickr Advanced User Guide
Flickr Ban Raises Question of What's Commerce, What's Not
Park or Bird

ffffl*ckr - Use it to find the photography you like using the simple idea that people whose work you like, probably like stuff you'll like. You start with a set of pictures - if you authenticate, it'll use 20 of your last 100 favorites - otherwise it'll start with somebody's favorites. Click any picture to load more. Don't like what that person likes? Scroll back and click a different picture you like. It's that simple.

Checking out ...


Adding someone as a contact is a way of keeping up to date with their photos on Flickr. Their latest uploads will appear on your Contacts page and homepage. Additionally, marking someone as a friend or family (or both) lets you give them access to your semi-private photos and videos.

Save Flickr


  • Re Flickr I set up an account but it came up in my name rather
  • than the Eco Retreat.

No worries. You should be able to change the name by changing the settings on your account.


From your Flickr account, you can add a star (favorite) pictures on other sites. Test this out online

Roy Tanck's Flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.

Get this widget at

Flickr 500,000 Views500,000 Views

So far today
All time
Photos and Videos


Roy Tanck's Flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.

Get this widget at

Flickr Tip of the Week: How to upload multiple photos

Flickr offers free software for WIndows and Mac to help you upload photos and videos quickly and efficiently. Check out the Flickr Tools page

Dichos (Spanish language proverbs)

El que no enseña, no vende.


Tip - Want to add your Flickr photos to your website or blog? Check out

Tip - Keep track of who is faving or commenting on your photos here

Flickr Uploadr


Adding someone as a contact is a way of keeping up to date with their photos on Flickr. Their latest uploads will appear on your Contacts page and homepage. Additionally, marking someone as a friend or family (or both) lets you give them access to your semi-private photos and videos.

Third Party Permissions

You can revoke such links at any time in the Extending Flickr section of your account prefs.
Geotagging (Places)

How do I?

When you upload to Flickr, you can add your photos and video to a map using Organizr. Open up the Map tab, find the place you took the photo, or shot the video - either by searching for an address, or dragging and zooming the map around - and then drop your photo on the place you took it. Easy!

What's next?

We like to think of Places as a 'page on Flickr for every place in the world.' As you stick more and more photos and video on to the world, these Places will become richer and much more interesting. This spurs us on to keep making them better, and to show you fresher, nearly-live content from Zambia to Nova Scotia.

Are you nerdy?

That's nothing to be ashamed of. There are some nerdy groups on Flickr you might be interested to visit: try the Geotagginggroup, the Flickr API group, or Flickr Hacks Find out what geotagging actually means courtesy of Wikipedia.

Flickr has partnered with Nokia to bring you their map style and satellite images. It also works with the Open Street Map (OSM) community for areas where commercial maps don’t have full coverage.

FYI - In 2011 Flickr members uploaded more than 3,000 images every minute.
use tags because it makes Flickr a much better resource. Don't forget to include the location (country, state/province, locale) in the tags!

Breaking: May 2013

Every Flickr member receives 1 terabyte of free storage, equivalent to 537,731 photos in original quality.

more news:
The all-new Flickr App is a complete redesign of the previous version. It’s now easier to use, more beautiful and includes more of the great features you love using on, including:
· Simple sign-up and registration process
· 16 unique camera filters
· Full Groups capabilities
· Explore interesting photos from around the world and nearby

Flickr is an easy way to share photos to the world ... or privately with family and friends. See the world through others’ eyes, participate, find your muse, and expand your horizons! This is one of Ron's preferred social web tools as images can be viewed in any language. For tourism providers – artisans, restaurant owners, hotels – it’s a great way of showing what’s on the menu (literally). You can upload your own photos or add stars and comments to the photos already online.

Ron: Personally, I’m invested and quite stoked to have 5 million views in the Flickrverse!

While the numbers are high, the missing x-factor has been shared interaction with those in the photos. I know that’s about to change as so many of friends who had no aspiration toward photography are shooting up a storm with their smartphones. And they have greater access to the web archives than ever before.

A few words about tagging: It's important to tag images to make them searchable. Also, Flickr users get to decide whether to let others (perfect strangers or family and friends) help them with the tagging. You decide.


8 Million Views on Flickr #socialweb #odometer


Why call a photo a favorite?

Helps you build your gallery of photo favorites
Leves a trail for others to follow to you
Improves relations with friends/clients, a way of saying thanks
Helps improve the rating of others on Flickr (this is one of the factors in choosing an 'interesting' photo)
¿Por que llama una foto favorita?

Crecer tu galeria de fotos favoritas
Dejar una pista para que otros podrian saber acerca de ti
Mejorar relación con los clientes, decir gracias
Ayuda la calificación de fotos en el 'ranking' de Flickr (como decidir los fotos interesantes)

About This Presentation This presentation is a snapshot-in-time of how we integrate Flickr as part of our communication and collaboration strategies, particularly for those working in conservation and tourism. We love photography and invite you to upload your own photos and join some of our favorite Flickr groups. Be generous and add a star to Flickr photos. Your comments are welcome and so are embeds, likes, clips and shares.- Ron Mader

Anyone worrying about losing their Flickr back catalogue can bulk-download photos using third party apps such as Bulkr, Flickandshare or using Flickr’s own batch download tool.
There’s no need to panic, however. When Yahoo Photos went dark in 2007 following the acquisition of Flickr, members were given many months to download their content.
“Flickr is one of the world’s largest photo sharing communities and a platform for millions of people who have collectively uploaded more than 12.4bn photos,” said a Yahoo spokesman. “We remain focused on creating a a destination for this community of photographers and people who love photos.”


Goodbye FlickrStackr, you were one of my favorite apps

So at our best moment, we were living off this. iPont Software was setup legally. Sometimes I had the impression from our support emails that our users thought we were more than 2 people. We never were. Me, the developer (who had another full time job), and her, the nice support person.

We released updates frequently. And we listened to feedback. Each time we got a bad review it hurt to our core. It did. This app was our baby.

But, one not-so-good day, Flickr decides to finally release their “official” app with support for the iPad. Free. How could we compete with free ? That day was the start of our end. Our sales went down by 80%. Only Japan remained (where Flickr does not have the app).

At that point my wife went back to a regular full time IT job at the usual large company. Our support suffered. My regular job got more intense. So the quality of our support and responses dropped. But we still released the occasional update.

Then 1 year later, Apple started getting picky about our app capabilities. The photo download. We went back and forth. Our apps were at that point, for sure, flagged as breaking the rules. A big X on them. As them trying to circumvent Apple’s restrictions.