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In biology and ecology, extinction is the end of an organism or of a group of organisms (taxon), normally a species.


Mass Extinction: The Early Years
Earth 'entering new extinction phase'
Earth has entered sixth mass extinction, warn scientists

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Racing Extinction

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Humanity has become the asteroid


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The Māori phrase mate ā-moa (literally “dead as moa”, like our “dead as a dodo”) is a general term for extinction.

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Extinction Symbol

This symbol represents the extinction crisis. Create it everywhere to raise awareness of the rapidly accelerating collapse of global biodiversity.

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The symbol represents extinction. The circle signifies the planet, while the hourglass inside serves as a warning that time is rapidly running out for many species. The world is currently undergoing a mass extinction event, and this symbol is intended to help raise awareness of the urgent need for change in order to address this crisis. Estimates are that somewhere between 30,000 and 140,000 species are becoming extinct every year in what scientists have named the Holocene, or Sixth Mass Extinction. This ongoing process of destruction is being caused by the impact of human activity. Within the next few decades approximately 50% of all species that now exist will have become extinct. Such a catastrophic loss of biodiversity is highly likely to cause widespread ecosystem collapse and consequently render the planet uninhabitable for humans. In order to spread the message as widely as possible, please create this symbol in any location you feel able to. Thank you.

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