Buzzword Bingo: Conversation = communication between two or more people. A good conversation occurs when people listen to one another over time.

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A conversation is communication between two or more people. A good conversation occurs when people listen to one another over time. (poster).

Conversation has changed from the chitchat around the table and gossip about those not present. Everyone from locals to visitors appreciate the opportunity to be engaged and to be engaged means being able to listen and being heard.

Conversation has emerged as one of the fave buzzwords in the age of the social web. Journalism outlets more than ever are encouraging readers/listeners/viewers to 'have your say.'

But do they? Do we?

Often we are not sure where the conversation lies or what we should be able to expect from face-to-face chats or online comments. Where is the conversation?

Meaningful conversation is a slippery creature, co-created and devised by parties with different interests and points of view. Where is the conversation? Everywhere.

Marketing gurus talk up the changing nature of conversation, particularly with with potential clients and current partners. They know that old ways of doing things don't work now. We're seeing diminishing effectiveness of email blasts and a growing interest in exchanges via social web channels including Facebook, Flickr, Google, Twitter and YouTube ... just to name a few!

There's a major transition in process. Read write culture is on the rise but many people - and particularly older people - are unable to remix their own work, let alone figure out how to collaborate in open education or open journalism.

The objective of this page is to simplify these matters and to point the way to where conservations are taking place online and in the natural world. We'd like to provide some tips on making conversations effective for all.

The major questions are where and how to engage with online conversation. The narrative is no longer A-B-C but rather an alphabet soup of possibilities.



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Commenting threads: good, bad, or not at all
Conversation is the New Attention

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If you are born in the '50s and '60s or you were born in the '80s and '90s, I think you have different jokes, different music, different conversations in your head, a whole different set of how you read life.
- Robert Krulwich, Making Radiolab

We don't get into conversations outliers, outlying ideas, people who may think very, very differently. And with this kind of open platform you have a better way of capturing those outliers, those different ideas.
- Marina Gorbis, Putting a value on the future

Let's not talk about the people we do not like.
- Conversation

Content isn’t king. If I sent you to a desert island and gave you the choice of taking your friends or your movies, you’d choose your friends. Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about.
- Matthew Barker @hitriddle

At first it might seem like splitting hairs, but the word "conversation" has a very distinct definition. According to Ann C. Baker, Patricia J. Jensen, and David A. Kolb (2002) in "Learning and Conversation," a chapter of the book Conversational Learning: An Experiential Approach to Knowledge Creation: "Contemporary research on learning and meaning making in conversation is expanding in many fields: philosophy, information systems, management, organizational behavior, psychology, and sociology. One major line of this work is focused around the concept of dialogue, while another tradition is focused on the concept of conversation. While there is much agreement between those two traditions and many researchers use the terms interchangeably, there are, in fact, important differences" The authors go on to describe the different etymology of these words and how they are used in contemporary practice. Their research reveals that "conversation" has its roots mainly in the communal and emotional, while "dialogue" has its roots mainly in the concept of conflict, of opposing voices in search for truth. Their research also reveals that "conversation" is used mainly by those focused on human understanding and human experience rather than on abstract knowledge about ideas, whereas "dialogue" is used mainly by those who see social interaction as an intellectual process of refining knowledge. So, this is the place where I am coming from - that conversation is a "process of reaching interpersonal understanding where all participants' contributions are equally valued," versus a rhetorical process of defining one's self through conflict.
- Michelle DelCarlo, Why Conversation

Which of our national conversations are global conversations and vice-versa?

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Old friends at the Tianguis Pochote Xochimilco @ Oaxaca 09.2013

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A good conversation occurs when people listen to one another over time.

let's talk

Essay: Journalism's 2-Way Conversation

Politics needs journalism as reality-check: Rosen - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
We'll leave it there: Jay Rosen on political journalism
“CNN Leaves it There” is Now Officially a Problem at CNN


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