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    Ron's Essay

    Oaxaca, Mexico - During the economic downturn caused by the social protests in 2006, Oaxacans became increasingly aware of the value of 'tourism' in sectors in which direct interaction with visitors was limited. Oaxaca has numerous Spanish language schools and many of these students live with local families. When the number of students arriving began to diminish, the homestay hosts purchased less food from local markets, thereby instigating a ripple effect that led to less money circulating in the community.

    How we make sense of 'community' and 'travel' has been focused in past years on 'community-based tourism' in which communities outright own the tourism operation. While there have been some successes (Madidi in Bolivia), there have also been many failures as communities had a poor understanding of visitor desires and needs, not to mention trends.

    Where we prefer to focus attention on and the Planeta Wiki is toward a more mature understanding of communities and tourism, in which we use the power of the social web and face-to-face encounters to catalyze healthier interactions among visitors and locals alike.

    Responsible travel creates 'better places to live and better places to visit' which works wonders in raising the living standards and happiness for all who care about how others benefit.

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    World Tourism Day: Recommendations for Communities

    Community-based tourism

    A misguided quest: Community-based tourism in Latin America (PDF)
    survey a number of successful community-based tourism (CBT) initiatives


    How do companies show how much cash flows to communities?
    What is the difference between community tourism and community-based tourism? (related: definitions)
    How do we measure the impact of tourism on communities?
    How to we respect the rhythm of the community?



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      July 3, 9am CDT Google+ Hangout: Communities and Tourism

      Very pleased to have Enrique Cabanilla joining the Planeta Wiki and sharing his research on community tourism. Our livestreaming July 3 Wednesday travel hangout looked at turismo comunitario, aka community tourism around the world.

      Community Worksheet

      What can visitors do?
      What should visitors know before they arrive?
      How can visitors arrive?
      Task: Make a Top 10 and Top 50 Checklist.

      Costa Rica

      Community-based Ecotourism - Global Environmental Facility
      ATEC - Asociacion Talamanquena de Ecoturismo y Conservacion
      Cooprena - National Eco-Agricultural Cooperative Network of Costa Rica

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