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Located in northwestern South America, Colombia is bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil; to the south by Ecuador and Peru; to the north by the Caribbean Sea; to the north west by Panama and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.

November 9 is National Park Day in Colombia.


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Peace Deal (Proceso de Paz)
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Y si se firma la paz, ¿qué pasa con los Parques Nacionales?


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Trek Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
Trek Teyuna - Ciudad Perdida

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Beyond cocaine - The Arhuacos live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, on the Caribbean coast in northern Colombia, the world's highest coastal mountain range. After years of being caught in the crossfire of a quasi-civil war, the Arhuacos have found an ingenious way to stop cocaine production and regain control of their traditional lands. At the same time, they've developed a strategy to regenerate their sacred forest country.

Colombia - the plant that steals your free will? - Angel's Trumpet has a dark side. It's used to rob people by robbing them of their memory, and allegedly, their free will. For All in the Mind, clinical psychologist Dr Vaughan Bell goes in search of the truth about the drug Burundanga, and Brugmansia - a popular plant with a complex personality.

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Parques Naturales


Festivals in Colombia





Biodiversidad 2015. Estado y tendencias de la biodiversidad continental de Colombia


Este no es un inventario: Estado y tendencias de la biodiversidad continental colombiana - Humboldt - @inst_humboldt
Biodiversidad 2015. Estado y tendencias de la biodiversidad continental de Colombia

Parks - @ParquesColombia

Spotlight on Parque Nacional Natural Bahía Portete Kaurrele




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Independence was declared from Spain on July 20, 1810.

Indigenous Peoples



Tourism Industry

In 2008, Colombia welcomed approximately 1,000,000 foreign arrivals. However, overwhelmingly these were made up of short-stay visits of cruise ships to the Caribbean city of Cartagena de Indias. At the moment, aside from Cartagena, Colombia's leading destinations include Bogota, Medellin and Cali. The archaeological sites of San Agustin and Ciudad Perdida are also world-class attractions.

Residencia en la Tierra (Residence on Earth) -

Founded in 2009 with the purpose of establishing points of contact between diverse artistic disciplines, the main goal of Residencia en la Tierra (Residence on Earth) is to offer artists, writers, researchers, curators, and art lovers in general, an atmosphere that fosters the development of works of art and creative projects. We provide a place to reside, work, and reflect, as well as sponsor a wide range of artistic workshops. Residencia en la Tierra involves local people from the region in its activities and encourages the development of sustainable projects with cultural, environmental and social impact. We promote interaction and knowledge-sharing among our residents, facilitating a dialogue between different cultures, generations and artistic disciplines.

Chiribiquete National Park

Tayrona National Park

Parque Nacional Tayrona - Lonely Planet
Tayrona - Flickr

Parque Nacional Natural Chingaza

near Bogota

Cartagena de Indias

El Museo del Oro del Banco de la República, dedicado a la sociedad arqueológica Zenú y a su orfebrería, es una de las cosas que vale la pena visitar en Cartagena de Indias.

The city's colorful cobblestone streets

White sand beaches.

A UNESCO Historical and Cultural World Heritage Site

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is today the country's main industrial,commercial and government center. This energetic, multicultural city embraces the contrasts of its colonial heritage with the modern architecture of an avant-garde, European style destination. Bogotá is also considered the gastronomic center of Colombia, ranging from local, authentic restaurants to gourmet cuisine.

Teyuna, the Lost City Arqueological Park

Guias turisticas de los parques arqueológicos nacionales - Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Hi

Guides in Spanish and English


Embraced by the Andes Mountains, Medellín is a modern and cheerful city that has become the industrial center for Colombia. This "City of Eternal Spring", where flower cultivation farms flourish and coffee grows abundantly, is the epicenter of textile production and worldwide fashion. The city's Manhattan style energy, combined with welcoming people and perfect weather, make it an ideal setting for business meetings and international events. The city provides a breathtaking backdrop for golf, horseback riding, hiking, paragliding and other outdoor activities. Major attractions also include shopping, historical and contemporary architecture, churches, museums and theaters.

Santa Elena

Santa Marta



US Embassy


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Poor but Happy in Colombia
Colombia - South American Explorers

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Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt

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Voodoo Love Inna Champeta Land - World Music Central
Colombiafrica - The Mystic Orchestra: Kumina - You Tube

Champeta is the riotous Afro-Colombian street sound of Colombia's Caribbean coast.


We are putting our soul into this effort to protect our natural patrimony We’ve increased the parks budget this year to unprecedented levels [from US$3.5 million in 2007 to $25 million this year]. Our security forces have recovered wilderness once in the hands of illegal guerrilla and paramilitary forces. And we’re now creating new areas critical for biodiversity and the nation’s water supply.
Juan Lozano, Colombia’s minister of the environment in an interview with EcoAméricas

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July 16-18 Congreso de Areas Protegidas - @ParquesColombia
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Hashtag for Colombia's Protected Areas Congress #iicongresoareas @ParquesColombia

Nov Encuentro Internacional de Etnias


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