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Chiapas is bordered by the states of Tabasco to the north, Veracruz to the northwest and Oaxaca to the west.

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Biodiversity Fact

There are 1,200 species of butterflies reported to Chiapas, which represent the 80% of all the butterflies known in Mexico and more than double distributed in USA and Canada.

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Agua Azul

Dispute over proposed eco-tourism resort in Mexico - FT

Agua Azul in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas is the site of a proposed eco-tourism resort for wealthy foreigners. The local community is split in a violent dispute that has already seen one death and more than a hundred arrests. One side supports the state government’s tourism plans, while those opposed to the resort are allied with Chiapas’s Zapatista movement.

Yale Bonampak Documentation Project
Does the name 'Bonampak' mean 'beautiful painting' in Maya?

La encrucijada

Lacandon Rainforest

El Madresal: Nuevo centro ecoturístico y Video


In the Maya Chol language, Misol-Ha means “water swept”. This cascade flows from high cliffs in a powerful fall into an ecological reserve that srtetches out over 20 hectares.

San Cristóbal de las Casas

La Red de Ámbar (cibercafe), Francisco León #2 casi esquina Insurgentes
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El Caldero Insurgentes #5-A
Cafe Bar Revolucion
Madre Tierra
La Bella Italia con chef propietario Angelo, Real de Guadalupe #4
La Pera
Falafel, Maria de Ina Flores
La Holaldra (pan)
ZooMAT a punto de cerrar el año con más de 400 mil visitas

Tienda de Experiencias, Real de Guadalupe #40-A, +52 967 631 5732

Nueva direccion del mercado organicoNueva dirección: Ma Adelina Flores #54. Miercoles y sábados de 10 a 15 hrs
El Sub Marcos Ocumicho


Figura del Subcomandante Marcos en Terracota de Ocumicho


Lacanja Chansayab

Palenque to Lacanja Chansayab

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Tuxtla Gutierrez
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Located next to the Garden of the Marimba Park, dedicated to promoting the history of this masterful instrument in the state, the types of marimbas and profiles of prominent families in this art. The Marimba Museum was inaugurated in March 2006. Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-10pm.

Located in the ecological reserve "The Zapotal" and behind the Miguel Alvarez del Toro Zoo (Zoomat). The mission of the Museum of Science and Technology Chiapas is to present to children and adults, the technological functioning of modern scientific progress through interactive spaces, educational and fun.


la palabra Zinacantán significa en náhuatl “Lugar de murciélagos”.

Academic Work

Conservacion y Desarrollo Comunitario en Laguna Miramar - Fernando Ocha y Ronald Nigh
Community Ecotourism and Organic Agriculture - Ronald Nigh and Fernando Ochoa
Tourism and regional development in Mexico and Chiapas after NAFTA - Axel Kersten
Turismo Alternativo en Chiapas - Ignacio March



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25 de julio Día de San Cristóbal Mártir, la fiesta del Santo Patrono principal de San Cristóbal de Las Casas,

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March 2010 - Continental Airlines announced that beginning June 9, 2010, it will offer twice-weekly flights between its Houston hub and Tuxtla Gutierrez, the airline's 30th Mexican destination, subject to government approval. Continental serves more destinations in Mexico from the United States than any other airline. (PR Newswire)

Maya (Lacandon)
Bayo - Gracias - Thank you
Mana - De nada - You're welcome


On May 26th the Lagunas de Montebello National Park, located in the area that connects the Central Highland region of Chiapas and the Gulf of Mexico’s coastal plain, was added to UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves during the International Coordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Program meeting.

UNESCO indicated that the special importance of this reserve lies in its location. This is a hydrological region of high biological diversity and is critically important for water harvesting and climate regulation. The karst landscape and more than 50 lagoons give the area its scenic beauty.

Local communities are involved in the management of the site's ecological resources. They practice a range of agricultural activities increasingly focusing on practices compatible with conservation such as organic coffee production. Reforestation and tourism also support sustainable development of the area.

The naming of this park as a biosphere reserve makes Mexico the country in Latin America and the Caribbean with the most number of registered protected areas- 39, just behind the United States and Russia.


Chamula is located at 2,260 meters above sea level, this mountain community, just north of San Cristobal de Las Casas, is a world of frost and heavy wool. The Conquest brought word of the Lamb of God and of the salvation of souls, but it was the fleece of Spanish merino sheep that saved the bodies of the newly converted Chamulas. Cotton quilts and woven strips of rabbit fur warded off the chill, but sheep's wool – as much of novelty to the Maya as cotton was to the Spaniards – proved to be a far superior material for clothing.


Educación Ambiental y Vivencial en el Ecoturismo
Agencias de viajes españolas excluyen a San Cristóbal de sus destinos turísticos
Revelan desastre ecológico en área natural protegida de Chiapas - Proceso


Chiapas Waterfalls
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Sumidero Canyon
San Cristóbal de las Casas
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The last official press trip I took was to Chiapas probably ten years ago. We visited Agua Azul via a rafting trip and it was a nightmare --
I'm a big fan of rural travel in Mexico, but there is often a disconnect. Garbage abuts pristine nature in far too many places.
My friend and Mexican guide Marlene Ehrenberg -- -- would be the first to criticize negligent behaviors, because the fact is visitors don't want to go back to places there are not kept clean. When the boat ride through the Sumidero Canyon floated past garbage, Marlene denounced the lack of care to the TV news and helped launch an effort to clean up the park.
When you see such problems, talk about them and bring your readers or viewers into the conversation. But also seek out examples where the communities are reducing their trash, recycling and making their homes examples of responsible tourism which simply states that a good place to live is a good place to visit.

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