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Bhutan is bordered to the south, east and west by India and to the north by China.


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Bhutan's transition to the modern world - Bhutan is most famous for its ranking as the happiest country in Asia, but how is it managing its transition to democracy and modernity?


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The kingdom of Bhutan, in the Himalayas, has had the genius to adopt Gross National Happiness as official policy. Anything that undermines the people's health will be discouraged, as will anything that fruitlessly gobbles up their time. Their old people are valued. All major decisions are tested against their effect on the environment and on society. According to the United Nations, Bhutan is one of the world's 10 least-developed countries, yet according to the Happy Planet Index, it is somewhere near the top.
- Alastair Sawday, The Slow Way to Go


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Bhutan, Beyond Heaven and the Earth...



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Himalayan nations agree to collaborate on climate

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