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Australia is the world's sixth-largest country by total area. The neighbouring countries are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and East Timor to the north; the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to the north-east; and New Zealand to the south-east. Australia's capital is Canberra, and its largest urban area is Sydney. Much of the continent has lain flat for hundreds of millions of years with no volcanoes or earth movements to bring nutrients to the surface, so soils tend to be poor. It is also the driest of all non-polar continents and has the least predictable rainfall, so fauna and flora have had a few challenging conditions to adapt.

After puling away from Antarctica about 50 million years ago and drifting northwards, the east coast passed slowly over a 'hotspot' of volcanic magma,over the ages forming a chain of mountains down the east coast with richer soils and better rainfall (the mountains catching the moisture-laden clouds rolling in from the Pacific Ocean), with eucalypt forests and rainforests, and there are other smaller regions that are more fertile and well-watered than the centre. The vast 'outback' areas of the centre, with red sands, stony deserts, saltbush plains etc. harbouring red kangaroos, lots of emus and many species of lizard and colourful parrots, offer a very special wilderness experience with wide open spaces and brilliantly starry skies.

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Wildlife Tourism Australia is a national organization promoting the development of a sustainable wildlife tourist industry that supports conservation, with much information for travellers, tour operators and academic researchers.

26 Odd Things about Australia


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Baseball down under
Election Time #AusVotes


Australians are using Live Video on Twitter/Periscope in October.
Hashtag: #AusScopeOctober

October 19: Hangout with Wildlife Tourism Australia which is planning a conference in October 2018. Follow @wildlife_aus. More info online and the Planeta Wiki: WTA

February 12-18 Responsible Travel Week 2018 #rtweek18

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Bala = Brother (Torres Strait)

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Radio National: A Kangaroo Has Three Years
Favorite audio #roadtrip of the year: A kangaroo has three ears @mikewilliams3 @RadioNational

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The Australia Community is for everyone who is interested in Australia. You don't have to be Australian to join. When you make a post be sure to select the appropriate category from the drop down menu below the post. Posts to the community must be on the topic of Australia. Unrelated posts are removed. We have a permanent "Australia Hangout" going so anytime you feel like mingling with the other Community members you can do so anytime via the link below. Engage with other members in discussion and above all, enjoy yourselves. :-)

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Today is the start of NAIDOC Week. See more about #Aboriginal participation @NACC_NRM here:

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Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR)
The Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) is a partnership between philanthropy, governments and business.


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Headlines: 2016 Election

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Changing seats
Seats in doubt
Electorates A-Z
Party totals
Latest electorates
Senate results
And the winners are...
The morning after; Laura Tingle's Canberra
AEC website seat tally wrong: Antony Green
Your guide to the Federal Election Sausage Sizzles
#ausvotes: how the election played out on Twitter
John Clarke: the Australian election campaign -
He's really rich and protecting his end of town, 08:50's-update/7482886
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Australian Election
First Dog on the Moon: 2016 election coverage


Democracy Sausage!/about-us!/sausagelytics

Australian voters are reminded that today, Saturday 2 July, is election day, and that every Australian is constitutionally entitled to a democracy sausage, bacon and egg burger, homemade cake, or jar of preserves. This year, and have teamed up to share a database, bringing voters the most current sausage sizzle data, hot off the grill. Together, they have formed the Council of Australian Sausage – a cross-jurisdictional working group to ensure that hungry voters are informed. “Many people are keen on the idea of a democracy sausage; it’s just one of those traditions on election day,” says Democracy Sausage co-creator, Annette Tyler. “People are often disappointed if they go to a polling booth and miss their sausage.” The website already has sausage information for over 20 per cent of booths as at the opening of polls in the Eastern States. Voters are encouraged to submit more information about their local booth on Democracy Sausage’s Facebook page, or via Twitter. The Democracy Sausage team encourages Australians to vote thoughtfully, and to take a moment to check out the delicious options at their local booth, as sausage sizzles and bake sales are a great opportunity for schools and community organisations to raise much needed funds. And remember, even if you’ve voted early, you’re still allowed to drop in to a booth to celebrate our great democracy with a sausage on bread, and a shake of the sauce bottle.

Day-of website visitors will have the ability to search for polling stations and learn about what services are available at each location (accessibility, sausage sizzle and/or cake stand). We sourced the sausage sizzle and cake stand data from Democracy Sausage and Snagvotes. We used the polling place ID to match these to the AEC polling place identifiers. We built a small Google Compute Engine app which sources the data from our sausage sizzle data sources and broadcasts it out to our live web application using Firebase Realtime Database.

Gregory Andrews

September 23-24 Blues for the Bush
Hashtag: #BluesfortheBush

Where is Charles Darwin Reserve?
Charles Darwin Reserve is in the Mid West region of Western Australia. Approximately 380km North East of Perth. It is situated of Wanarra Rd which is accessible via the Great Norther Hwy or the Mullewa-Wubin Road. Full directions can be found here.

Who are the event organisers?
The Blues for the Bush is co-hosted by the Shire of Perenjori and Bush Heritage Australia. You can learn more about these organisations at their websites and

How much does it cost to attend?
The community open day which is held on Saturday 23rd September from 10.00am to 3.00pm is free and all comers are welcome. The Blues for the Bush concert is held on Saturday evening following the Open Day from 3.30pm – midnight and costs $70 for an adult and $25 for a child to attend (plus ticketing and credit card costs). Tickets to the concert can be purchased here or from the Shire of Perenjori.