Editor's To Do List

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Here is our To Do List, providing suggestions for rookie and veteran editors. It features the things that need to be done on the Planeta Wiki. If you have a few minutes, Inspire us and have fun! We look forward to your contribution.


Make sure that the information about your work is up-to-date on editors

Test Things Out

Want to try something new without damaging the wiki? Try something new on test

Teach the World Your Language

Add the local slang or idioms for your native language.

What's cooking?

We feature a lot of food on this wiki. If you do not see a favorite item, add it. If you see something, add a recipe or nutritional info.

Add Links

Add links focusing on South Africa to south africa links

Remove Dead Links

If you spot a dead link, you are welcome to remove it. Bonus points if you can run a search and find a new relevant link and make the replacement.


Many of our pages are self-described information dumps. That said, it would be nice if the navigation were cleaner on the following pages ...
citizen science
climate notes


Edit the regional page about where you are heading. Add the links you'd revisit

Tourism Portals

Check tourism portals and add relevant links to official tourism portals and Web 2.0 channels for your country or a place you have recently visited. You can also select a country of your choice and add the relevant info. Observations are welcome. Feel free to brainstorm at the bottom of this page.


On many of the wiki pages we have a section marked 'translating' in which we'd like to translate buzzwords and short phrases into other languages. You can help!

Information Dumps

Quite a few of the pages have transmogrified into informationdumps. Editors willing to be patient and make a series of minor updates are encouraged to organize the playlist


Add relevant RSS to TED


Our Tools page can always be retooled with examples of new Web 2.0 channels you are using. In addition, each tool -- such as Facebook or Flickr -- has its own wiki page. Editors are welcome to post questions and edit the answers so that these resources are beneficial to everyone learning these new skills.

Beyond the Wiki

You can promote specific pages by mentioning the wiki (and including the URL) on your Web 2.0 accounts including Facebook and Twitter. You can also add a link from your website or blog. If you tweet include @ronmader to catch Ron's attention!

Stay in Contact

If you would like to create a new page, if you have questions about an old page, if you just want to stay in touch, make contact with Ron and arrange a skype conversation.

Thanks again for your attention and participation!