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Sharing our favorite videos, podcasts and more from 2015

White Man Behind a Desk

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White men love sitting behind desks. It’s one of their favs. We thought we’d let a white guy talk about stuff while he sat behind a desk and held a pen. They also love holding pens.

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South Africa: Santam TVC "One-of-a-kind"

Love this ad. It even casts loadshedding in a positive light. "There are things that only happen in South Africa. Some weird, some wonderful and some that need insurance that understands the lay of the land. As South Africans, we’ve become so used to them, that we don’t even give it a second thought. But the same can’t be said for foreigners."

2015 is UNESCO's International Year of Light

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Sheep (also called goat or ram) begins Feb. 19, 2015.

September 18 - October 31 2015 Rugby World Cup, England




Responsible Travel Week
February 9-15

Fall in love with responsible travel February 9-15 as Planeta.com hosts our seventh annual Responsible Travel Week, a week-long unconference that kicks off 2015 in fine style. A great plus: admission is free and there's no jet lag! The event took place online and around the world through a series of local events organized by participants. Sponsorships are available.

Fall in love with responsible travel Feb 9-15, 2015 #rtweek15

New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015


2015 is the International Year of Soils
Hashtag: #IYS2015

Pluto: July 14, 2015


2015: Year of Solidarity Between UK and Mexico



Why don’t we try to seek something more, something deeper and more profound than mere outrage? Let’s stay with an issue, after the fire has passed through it, and work for real change.
- Brigid Delaney, The song of the year urged us to let it flow. Instead, we pushed back @BrigidWD